I need antibiotics for CFS in Oregon! Please help me find a doctor!

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by majestuoso00, Nov 16, 2010.

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    I have been suffering from debilitating CFS for about 5 years now. On a fluke, I was prescribed anti-biotics for something else and I feel AMAZING!!! Azithromycin 500 mg for 5 days. It was so fantastic, I went from what I felt was my death bed to WONDER WOMAN. The change was so drastic, I don't even know how to describe it. But I CANNOT find a good doctor in Roseburg, OR. I will travel up to Portland, Medford, Eugene... all along I-5 if I can find a doctor that will treat me with anti-biotics long term. As soon as they wore off, I was back in bed again. It's horrible. I want my life back, I know what helps, but I can't even get it!!
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    I would think you'd need an antiviral. Isn't the latest research all about
    some XMRV retro virus? But I see there is a current post on the ME/CFS
    board about antibiotics helping.

    I had an e mail a while back from some gal who said she can't afford health
    insurance. She buys some meds from the vet. Not sure if she was joking
    or not. I did read on a pet supply site that most pet meds were originally
    developed for people.

    Anyway, good luck with your search.