I need as much Methadone info as possible!!!

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    Hi guys! I hope that you all had a good week and will have a good holiday weekend! These past two weeks have not been so good for me. But it's been even worse on my mom. She has been on Oxycontin for the past 5 years, had 2 weeks of her pills stolen, asked for more meds from her doc thats she's known for 20 years, was refused, and then ended up at a detox clinic for a week. After she got out, she was back at square one. SHE IS NOT AN ADDICT!!! She has been taking these pills for legitamate medical pain and has been taking them as prescribed. So, she was told to go on Methadone. Her doc that refused her, didn't even blink when handing out this script to her. She knows nothing about it, and has heard that it can due some major damage to your bones. She already has Osteopenia (?), degenerative disks, Fibro, MS, silicone poisoning, and remission from cancer. We are very concerned about this new med. If any of you could help me on info about Methadone, and give me some of your experiences, we would both really appreciate it. Thank you as always for being such wonderful friends!!!

    All my love,
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    Here is a page of people who have used this drug.

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    Thank you so much for that link! I just read it to my mom. She was so happy, she was almost in tears/ Many of the Methadone users state that it has given their lives back. But all say that it causes major changes in their metabolism, and it is VERY difficult to go off of. Thanks again!!

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    Hi my doc prescribed methadone for me for the fibro pain and I know of many others who take it for pain. Methadone has a shady connotation because of being used most recently as a drug dependency aid. I have found methadone to be the first thing that helps with pain. The best thing about methadone is it works and it is CHEAP. I lost my medical insurance after I had to stop working and could not afford the new miracle drugs , so my Doc prescribed this and it works and I can afford it. Good Luck to you and your Mom.
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    Thank you for the input. After all I am hearing about it, I wonder if it wouln't be the right drug for me too! I am currently taking 10 mg Percocet 5-6 times a day and Ultram 8 per day. It works sometimes. But not when the pain is really bad. And the docs seem to want to hand it out like crazy like antidepressants! What do you think?

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    ...if you are taking that much Percocet, then you should ABSOLUTELY be on a longer acting pain medication. Not to mention the huge amounts of tylenol going through your liver which is awful. Please look into this. The Perc. you are taking runs contradictary to everything about chronic pain. I wish the best to you and am soooo sorry for your mother.

    I know I have had the flu before and couldn't keep meds down and so I had the flu and withdrawal because not enough meds were staying in my body due to "things" coming out of both ends.

    Take care,

    Lynda B.
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    Hi Kathryn! I am new to the board, it seems like the people here are very caring and helpful. I recently was referred to a pain doctor who has really helped me tremendously. After years of pain meds with tylenol and years of taking anti-inflamatory meds my stomach has really been chewed up. I had a bad stomach bleed last Novemeber and had to be given 4 units of blood, and spend 3 days in intensive care. He put me on the Duragesic pathes (25 micros/every 72 hrs.), along with Paxil (20 mg a day) and Protonik (once a day). It has made a world of differance, I am able to work and somewhat keep up with my 15 year old daughters sports.

    I know some people do not like the patch,(Nausea,physical dependence)but they really work for me. I developed FMS after I contracted Lymes Disease about 10 years ago. It has been really misareable, but as long as I can cope I'm not worried about the physical dependenace, and I never got the bad nausea. At first a little, I would take a Dramimine, and it would go away. I used to come up short on pain meds, and even had them stolen from a hotel room when I was out of the country. Man what a mess, I have found that with the patches people aren't really looking for this type of medication. (Unsavory people). These might be a consideration for your Mom, and you for that matter.

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    About metodone??? Someone who worked in a methodone clinic told me that after taking the dose the person gets real sleepy for a short time and then they get a hugh shot of energy and charge out into the world. Do those of you who take it find it gives you more energy?
    I use no pain meds except magnesium and it keeps my pain at a livable place as long as I keep up with the stretching. Mental and physical Fatigue is my major problem keeping me from joining the outside world. Too tired to think has a real meaning for me.