i need drugssssss!!

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  1. yvette01826

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    I need to find drugs that work for me!!! My major fms/cfs problem is anxiety, sleep and depression!!

    I swear ive tried every anti-dep. in the book and they all react weird. The day after I take them Im either more anxious, more exhausted, dizzy etc. Im at the point where I know I need something to stop my racing mind. Ive had to take 3 weeks off from work before I snap!!

    Maybe Im not giving the drugs a fair chance, but I cant function for weeks messed up. Only to find out after weeks of more suffering that its not gonna work.

    Any suggestions for anti-dep. or methods to introduce them to my intolerant body?

  2. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    Pet Peeve. Around these parts "drugs" means something other than medication and the doc's are even jumpy and have mounds of paperwork if they prescribe narcotics. They are treated like "dealers". Long story,

    I feel for you. I am 53, a single parent of an 11 year old wiz-kid I homeschool. I also have dysthymia (meaning, for me personally, since age 13 I was diag. w/major depressive disorder) and along comes IBS, then anxiety/panic attacks over that; then agorophobia. I developed Seratonin Syndrome and suffered Tardives Dystonia for years before a dear friend, TXRose unearthed that side-effect and lo and behold, I was having dystonia also.

    We that are med-resistant for clinical depression are constantly trying to find one that works, atleast for a little while.

    The only SSRI my psychiatrist could find that did not interfere w/neurotin, 10/500 hydrocodone, flexeril, deseryl and some prn's was Celexa. I also have had to go on Xanax. Without Xanax, my depression and horrific crying spells of despair (not situational but due to organic brain syndrome) I don't know what I would do. I have taken xanax on and off for 20 years. Now at 53. Forget it. It eases the pain. Deseryl also helps...it is a unique tricyclic.

    I had been off the celexa a couple of months but the crying spells intensified so I went back on it and it does help. I have, however, a tad of the tardives now showing up.

    Praise the Lord, of late, no insomnia. I have acute obstructive sleep apnea and the O2/C-PAP knock me out! I am hoping I qualify for a palate repair et al.

    Best to you and keep seeking a psychiatrist who is knowledgable of these things/or a neurologist. CactusLil'
  3. libra55

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    I agree with acheybrakey about the Ativan. I find it works very well for me. I had to go off Celexa because of the horrible sweating it caused, and plus I started to have weird visual effects from it, almost like hallucinations when my eyes were closed I could see all these strange colors. I use Flexeril for sleep; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the Ativan will help with sleep too as it relaxes me. We are all different; what works for one person doesn't always work for another.

    Gentle hugs to you,
  4. yukonsmom

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    I use Buspirone for my constant anxiety. The brand name is Buspar. It is non-narcotic, but it's the best!! I take it 3 times a day and my anxiety is controlled. I was taking Prozac and it made me worse!! I don't take an antidepressant anymore, except for Doxepin at night when I have trouble falling asleep, and I feel 100% better. May you feel better soon...Jen
    P.S. Also very important - read inspirational material. I read Scripture and pray

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  5. slkuzel

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    i've just been placed on Deseryl, it works really well. IT helps me sleep and calms me. Keep trying and talk to your doctors they will know best.
  6. jmaxjmax

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    Deseryl (trazadone) works well as an AD and also helps for sleep. I have also used klonapin for anxiety.
    :) Max
  7. yvette01826

    yvette01826 New Member

    thanks guys...I guess I just need to take the ativan or klonopin for now. I just cant seem to tolerate the ad's. although I did check out an article on medicine sensitivities. Maybe a tiny dose of ad's would help.