i need help also need endo in allentown/philly area

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wendy1968, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. wendy1968

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    does anyone have a referral for an endo dr. or dr that deals with Chronic fatigue in allentown/philly pa area. i can't seem to get any help with my pcp. i'm considering the fatigue center but not sure what to do.

    i have been diagnosed with CF, bipolar, major depression, IBS, i also get dizzy and lightheaded alot, brain fog, easily bruise, temperature sensitivity, i'm sick all the time with bronchitis/sinusitis/virus's, i get mouth ulcers (told it was herpes), and am sick and tired all of the time, when i have 1 good day where i push myself i pay for it for the next few days following. I hope someone can help. thanks for listening! Oh yeah and now i'm a chronic complainer - haha!


  2. wendy1968

    wendy1968 New Member

    Hi prickles,what does "b" mean?
  3. wendy1968

    wendy1968 New Member

    thank you prickles! it is nice when someone acknowledges you cause if i'm not mistaken most of us feel crazy already - it might make us feel a little more paranoid with no response at all. although the committee in my head always can make me crazy no matter what - i really don't need any help in that dept. haha! i will take your advise and check the other boards.



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