I need help from anyone who has problems with mold

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I am VERY concerned with the fact that when I go to work that by 2 PM I can barely keep my eyes open yet once I get off I feel better. I am worried that this might be mold and need anyone who has any experience with this to please tell me your exerience.

    I googled fibromyalgia+mold and came up with some scary articles.
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    Hi lvjesus,

    I think I wrote something to you about this already, didn't I? I hope you will get some more comments from other people. There were quite a few people on here who dealt with mold issues, but I haven't seem them posting lately.

    I think it sounds very likely that your workplace is making you sick.

    It's true that people have died of mold poisoning. It's true that if you suspect you have been exposed to mold toxins, you should take it very seriously.

    My best advice is to read "Mold Warriors" by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. Or at least his latest website biotoxin.info

    I heard enough horror stories to make me move out of my apartment, which had a spot of toxic mold in it. Even though I don't think I was in imminent danger of dying there, I am still glad I moved because I feel a lot better now. And I'm glad I decided to try mold avoidance -- at least to the extent that I can do it so far. I haven't gotten as extreme as Erik the mold warrior yet.

    In case you might be interested at some time in the future, Slayadragon is working on writing down the things one has to do to really avoid mold. She's gotten well by following the mold avoidance lifestyle, I believe. And detoxing a lot and killing Lyme. I think she's going to post her written moldie advice on here at some point.

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    I was having problems breathing and wheezing all the time and my doctor sent me to have allergy test done and come to find out that I was very allergic to mold spores.Well there is no way to avoid it because its the air,but I was doing roofing work everyday and since I've quit roofing my breathing has improved alot,but in the spring of the year, when the pollen goes up I start wheezing a lot more and have more trouble breathing.I half to wear a mask if I cut grass or around somebody cutting grass or anything that sturs up the mold in the air.I would suggest having an allergy test done to see what your allergic to.It takes about 2-3 hours for the test and its not cheap.I think it cost around $1200.00,but lucky I had good insurance and just paid $15.00 copay.hope you find out whats going on.Good luck.Mark
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    I appreciate the comments. I don't know about quitting my job at this point. I have to say that I really like it but I can't go on the way it is right now, that is for sure.

    I am working part time doing direct sales and hope that will become a full time endeavor in the future but for now, I have to keep my job. I know how that sounds, but I can't change right now, but I will be thinking of ways to make it work if this continues like working from home some or shorter hours.
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    In 2004 I worked in a modular building, and every morning when I arrived, I would start sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, just feeling uckey. The people I worked with would always say, darn girl, you must have allergies. Well one day, I heard some people saying there was mold in the building. Went to my dr. and she prescribed clarinex (never did a test for mold). Well I lost my job, due to missing work from feeling like crap (I worked in this building thru a temp service). Tried for unemployment, got it, then they took it away, stating something to the effect that I missed to much work, unnecessarily. I am still trying to pay back unemployment. This was all in 04. From then I was getting worse, body aches, like the darn flu. Dr. after Dr. appts., blood work, you name it. Well finally in feb. '09 I found a good rheumy, and she dx. FM. My mother mentioned the mold thing, so when I go back to rheumy in April I will ask her about it. I'm wondering if there is a way to prove that maybe the mold thing has something to do with triggering my FM (if so would love to not pay what is left for me to pay to unemployment)

    most days are awful, pain, pain and more pain, aches, crying spells, depression, irritable.

    I also have the beginning of emphesema, degen. disc disease, diverculitis, now I may have a circulation problem, going to vascular surgeon this week. Also have what they think is livido retecularis, my legs look awful, especially in the thigh area. Looks like red/splotcy spider webs. I'm sure I'm leaving some things out, but my mind isn't like it used to be.

    Good Luck!!

  6. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    You need to google fibromyalgia+mold like I did and read about mold triggering FM like I did. I am sorry to hear about all the troubles that you have had. I hope that your new doc can really help you get better. Thanks for sharing your story with me.
  7. TruthAboutMold

    TruthAboutMold New Member

    For additional information about the health effects of mold, go to http://truthaboutmold.info.
  8. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I was diagnosed with FM 5 years ago, but had a major relapse, which developed into CFS 2 years ago. I ended up in bed for 6 weeks and any and all social activities came to a halt. At that time, I had moved into a new apartment and it was winter-time and obviously, the heater was going as I live in a snowy area.

    Anyway, I lived there for 2 years. I moved 6 months ago. I have to say I feel better, not 100%, but somewhat better.

    I remembered living in my old place - the basement, full of mold!!! I even had a computer break....I took it in to get it fixed and IT WAS FULL OF MOLD!!! I work at home at my computer 8-10 hours a day - if it had mold in it, most certainly so did I!!

    Anyway - I have a feeling this made my symptoms much worse and had I made the connection then, I probably could have sued my landlord.
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    Hi, just found this website so hope you get this message since your post was so long ago. For you and anyone else who is living or working in an environment with mold, get out now! Mold is soooooo toxic to us. You can have alergies, or more serious issues of a biotoxic illness due to mold exposure and genetic predisposition causing you to get extremely ill each time you are exposed to mold. I have been treated by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Maryland since 11/2007 after my local doctor told me I could no longer work and put me on disability for 1 month which turned into a never ending cycle of a dibilitatin biotoxic illness and me losing my job. I was exposed to mold at my work place in the walls and airconditioning units for 9 months in 2006, and started getting sick my second month on the job. Started with really bad flu, but then the flu never went away and I got more and more symptoms as I became progressively worse over the next year. Severe fatigue, headaches, constant motion sickness feeling with nausea, flushing with tempature on and off, numbness in my hands first then my feet, arms, legs and lips, severe memory problems, severe cognative problems- was the CEO of an agency and I could no longer do math in my head or with a calculator, problems spelling, couldn't think of words when writing or talking, was easily confused, couldn't use computer programs like excell, couldn't concentrate and got distracted frequently. It was so frustrating sometimes I could hardly function at all, and it kept taking me longer to finish things as I had to tripple check things to make sure they were right. Then the pain started, and it was everywhere and really bad I felt like I was walking under water with weights on to even move. eventually I just couldn't get through a whole day at work and came home one day and couldn't move anything on my body, and was bedbound for about 5 weeks. My legs would go out on me, my husband had to cary me from bed to couch and bathroom until we finally got a wheelchair and a walker for my better days. I was diagnosed with CFS originally after 11 months on the job, then with FM once my doctor put me on disability.

    I went through every different department at kaiser, and every test they had, but they couldn't find anything that fit with all of my symptoms and the degree of my illness so they settled for CFS with FM as a bonus, sinus rinitus and reactive airway disease for the constant congestion, sinus pressure/pain, runny nose, sneezing, cough, and lung burning I had developed since my 2nd month on the job.

    I got so mad that every time I would mention that there had been mold in my workplace to all of the doctors, they would look at me like I was crazy and say that either there was no way mold could make people sick unless it was an alergy and then it was just the caughing that would be a symptom, or the 5 different doctors who admitted to me that they didn't know anything about mold and that they were not allowed to go to medical trainings about mold illnesses by Kaiser my HMO.

    I was referred to Dr. Shoemaker by several people who I happened to meet, and was told he was the only legitimate mold specialist who was actually making people get better. I flew back to Maryland from California to meet with him in 11/2007 and he did a physical check up and ran several tests, VCS, bloodtests, nasal culture, and a MR Spectroscopy (which is a special MRI that measures exact levels of different areas of your brain.) You get the MRS films right away and take them back to Dr. Shoemaker, and he can tell the results immediately. In my case it showed with out a doubt that I did not have FM or CFS, but instead had a biotoxic illness from the mold exposure in my old office building. I can't tell you how amazing it is to finally talk to a Doctor who understands you and your illness, and who reasures you that you are not crazy and that your illness is 100% real.

    Go to his website for information, he even gives you a list of labwork to have your doctor do, and the protocol that he uses to treat his patients. He will talk to your doctor to explain the test results and how to treat your illness. His website is http://www.chronicneurotoxins.com and www.moldwarriors.com. I know this is a very long explanation and has lots of info in it, so feel free to ask any questions you want.

    I hope this helps you and anyone else who was misdiagnosed with FM or CFS, or who is sick from mold exposure.

    God bless,
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    Jenna -

    I thought it ineresting that you should also find this thread the same day I did. I've never been here before either!

    My husband and I had to move out of our home that we had lived in for 6 years because of mold. We never thought about the connection between my illnesses and the mold until recently. I mean - I had had a very bad bout of IBS and that is the disease we were concerned about at the time. However, I had been diagnosed with FMS approximately 8 months after gall bladder surgery and 9 months after moving into our new home.

    I am currently seeing a Naturopath who feels that I am still suffering from the mold problem even though we have been out of our house of 3 1/2 years. She is treating me with herbs/supplements, etc. in an attempt to cleanse my liver. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (when they don't hurt!!) :)

    Good luck Jesuslvr.
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    lvjesus..........I'm sorry...........I messed up your name at the end of my last post. Guess I'm just kind oftired tonight and the pain meds aren't helping my brain right now!!!
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