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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teller7, May 31, 2003.

  1. teller7

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    Hi Everyone: I definitely have CFS. Want to know if I have fibro, too. My arms and legs and neck feel so inflamed alot. And sometimes they look puffy. At night when I go to bed everything aches. Also, sometimes my feet and hands feel cold. Between the two I'm going nuts. Does anyone else have these symtoms? Pleas let me know. When all this happens at once I just want to end it all. I'll be checking for an answer Thank you.
  2. kgg

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    sound pretty usual. Have you had someone do the 18 tender point test? I had 11 out of 18, now I have 2. I have found that massage with lymphatic work, has helped the most with the puffiness and some of the muscle aches. I used to have constant pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. Basically, consistent massage work helped get rid of it. The cold feet and hands I still have. It has been suggested that I be checked for thyroid and hypercoagulation, so that is my next step. In the meantime, I take 2 baths a day. It helps with the cold hands and feet and really helps with the muscle aches. I can tell if I miss a bath. Also recently started trying the epsom salts in the bath water. Hope this helps.
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    I understand - as I sit here my feet feel like they are on fire, my hands are hurting from typing, I have a dull headache and my legs, arms, hips and back just hurt. Know how you feel; take care, there are a lot of us in the same boat.
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    Your symptoms also sound like thyroid problems. You might want to check that out if you haven't.