I need help to do a 3 day fast or semi fast Please

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  1. PaulMark

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    I say hang the rotation diet for 3 day i need to go on a 3 day fast or semi fast, fro mwhat i've learned that is safe no longer than that unsupervised,

    I have a video from lorainne day MD was a mainstreamer orto surgeon nearly died of breast cancer, tried 40 different alt. therapies and develope dher own GOD 's l0 step plan May not work for all but w/o further elaboration she gave an analogy of her car she took to a mechanic she said the lst gr. sticks, engine light stays on and fan belt sqeaks later she called said what was wrong he i don't know i removed the belt, undid the wires to light and took out lst gr you stillhave 2 & 3 true story, she said (and she's a dr. ) this is what drs. do they remove what is working they have l hrs. nut. training in school,

    she had other sympoms too MS like parkinson's reynauds

    after l8 months cancer gone after trying gerson and macro diet and others, true all can't take raw foods at lst and she had the best juicer a norwak, and had the bucks to do the sprouting which i can't figure out yet,

    and could get all organic,

    anways YEs i've been binging again, don't beat me up i do that enough something is driving it probably nutritonal defienciecies yeast fungi etc. due to the cfs cycle says dr. cheney

    but anyways i need to do a 3 day fast i have a juicer it ain't norwak but it juices veggies,

    she's big on barley green

    can someone give me some ideas please

    paul mark in KY
  2. PatPalmer

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    Thanks for your reply to my post on Cytolog. Have you seen my reply to you on your other post yedterday?

    I`m not sure fasting is the answer, have you tried introducing garlic and onions into your diet every day.
    These are so good at helping the immune system turn around -takes time but definately worth a try. Our bodies need everything antidioxant, viral/bacterial repelling you can possibly eat/drink.

    I am on garlic and onion every day in my food, and drinking some herbal teas ie:- Green Tea (Antidioxant), Lemon & Ginger (Immune), Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanilla (Immune). These aren`t too bad with a bit of honey or stevia.

    Best thing to do is only eat what works best for your body, that you can tolerate that is.

  3. MemoryLane

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    You can accomplish the same thing by just eating the raw foods for the three days and saving yourself the trouble of juicing. Drink lots of water with lots of lemon juice during your fast. After you feel cleansed, a one day fast each week is sufficient to keep you feeling fit.

    Do you have Candida overgrowth? If you do, you will need to monitor the amounts of fruits and sweet vegetables like carrots. You can also do a Kefir fast for this.

    Sprouting is easy, you need a large mason jar with a plastic screen lid, you can usually find the lids on the cooking utensil isles or where they sell the mason jars and canning supplies. Start with a small amount of any seeds, like almonds (yes!), mung beans (these are the bean sprouts found in chinese foods) and alfalfa and about half a jar of clean, fresh water, preferably filtered. Soak them overnight and then pour off the water and rinse the seeds - you don't need to remove them from the jar - just rinse through the screen lid. Gently rinse the seeds at least twice a day during the sprouting period - you can't do this too often. Keep up the rinsing, especially with alfalfa, as they can harbor salmonella and E.coli and always pour off excess water. Mung beans turn bitter if they spout green tips, so stop the sprouting when they are about one inch long. Alfalfa can continue to sprout until green leaves bud out, but some seeds you may need to stop when the green tip forms. You will want to experiment with different seeds and nuts to see at which stage of sprounting you prefer the taste. Refridgerate when the desired sprouting is accomplished. This whole process takes 3-7 days, depending on the type of seeds used.

    Hope this helps,
  4. tansy

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    Think seriously before going on a fast, you could make yourself very ill.

    Pat and Lane have given you some good ideas. LOTS of veg and if you're eating carbos brown rice and millet help.

    Drink water; as much as you can, as often as you can.


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  5. stillafreemind

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    Gee..I do not think that I would go on a fast in your shape. I think going on a special diet might be alright..but fasting does alot stuff to your body..even healthy bodies, that might really put you into a tail spin.

    I guess its up to you..but if it were me..I would follow the good advice of the above posters.

    Good luck to you .. Sherry
  6. MemoryLane

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    ...Don't forget the digestive enzymes (with meals) and probiotics (between meals) and a good multi-vitamin.

    To clarify a point: When I mentioned fasting above I am referring to mainly raw vegetables, salads and soups or the Kefir. This is also a good way to keep your weight down.


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  7. PaulMark

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    OK lane pat and all thanks for tips

    l. the numerous food allegies everytime i'm tested on ALLCAT igg dleyated type allegies has me worried it changes eerytime, granted digestive problem obviously

    2. confused by the type O diet trying to f0llow it and the ALLCAT and juice on rotation is a nite mare

    3. type O says when lots of dig. problmes wathc onions which where moderate reactiion garlic was ok

    d adamo says watch garlic onions until gut better and NO leeks for type O

    4. Confused, lorraine day in her videwo sorting thru maze of alt. med. discusses all diets she tried including rotation, she has same problme i did reacted to everthing
    (and i including the cytolog) which really depresses me cause it has benefits also

    5. lorraine also discusses d adamos blood type diets and says based on evolution theory she's stauch christ. like me and many of you, and that wasn't until after the flood (noah) that we started eating meat cause earth was flooded,

    makes sense never thought of that

    6. so many diets, so confusing

    7. also lorraine day md makes sense, so i beat myself up for having to take low dose nueurontine klonopine and l2.5 mg. taineptine an antidepresssant

    she has valid points and analaogies for cancer illness it's not a deficinecy of chemo nor radition likewise our illnesses are not defienceies of our meds. but what do we do? we have to live yet it bothers me that the drugs they hte drug cos. call side effects basically means "bad effects' on our bodies

    I guess no magic answers are there?

    lorraine also had the finanicial means to get the best juicer norwalk... and lived in CA where ready access to many org. veggies which i can't get her in rural w. ky.

    so i guess CAtch 22' in our illnesses

    she is right about one think i and e need to learn to give some of this stress to the LORD which i have not learned to do the stress of our trying to rake the rake of wellness on our bodes is sometimes too draining as tom oates on his recover tapes i bought 4 yrs. ago said he recovered but he told me on the ph. he didn't have the pain i have and many of us and he was in 20's which helps iwth low g. hormone

    I"m sorry to ramble i'm just venting out and thanks for your alls helps,

    and the tips,

    if i can help you let me know, God bless PM

  8. tansy

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    Some docs I know think many of us try too hard to get well. Consequently we ask too much of our bodies before they're ready to take on the challenge. Also there's a big danger of letting these DDs take over everything if all we do with our limited energy is spend it on searching for the magic bullett.

    Probably haven't put this at all well but I what I'm trying to say is do what you need to do; slowly, carefully, but take care of the rest of you too. When they talk about mind, body, and soul this is what they mean. We need to take care of, and nurture, our whole selves.


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