I need help understanding... ANYONE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Peacelearning, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Peacelearning

    Peacelearning New Member

    Had a "flare" and again, as I mentioned, my docs believe FMS and CFS is secondary to "something that is knocking at my door". I have had all the tests two years ago...

    R/t this "flare", I had labs. There were some notable markers that I understand, but others I am confused about. I am a nurse (I know a little) and I have done research, but what I see does not make sence to me. Can a pro help me?

    My WBC is slightly high. So, I would think I am fighting something. Then the breakdown within the WBC...

    Monocytes are low, neutrophils are high. How can this be? Logic would tell me that if I am fighting an infection, then both Monocytes and neutrophils would be high in keeping with higher WBC. Does this sound like primary FMS and CFS "flare"?

    I have done all the reseach I can... I have found very little about why monocytes would be low. And for that matter why neutrophils high. (I have had infections before and ususally these are WNL even if my WBC is high.) Please, I need a pro to help me understand. Anyone?
  2. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    I wish I could tell you what's going on, but I can't. It looks like your body is trying to fight something. Do you take any natural antiviral supplements or herbs???

    My blood was drawn on Mar. 9th and I also have funky WBC, neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils. I also have CFS/FM, juv. diabetes, & hashimoto's, so I guess I shouldn't expect great labs. Keep in mind those numbers can change from day to day.

    My doc is really, really good, so I trust him. He said that I'm showing signs that the detox plan(pesticides and mercury) is working and not to be too concerned. We'll go over the labs at our next appt. in greater detail. Do you have a good doc you can talk with??

    If you think you have an infection of some sort, I would consider taking some natural antiviral, antibacterial supplements. Also if you are a nurse, you're coming in contact constantly with viruses and stuff that your body has to fight off. A great book to have on hand is "Immune Restoration Handbook" by Mark Konlee. You can order it at amazon or www.keephopealive.org.

    Hope you feel better soon. Sorry, I couldn't help more.


  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I have FM/CFS and completely normal labs, so you might be fighting something else. Let the docs figure it out for you.
    That is what they are paid to do. In the meantime, you rest and get some good nourishment in you and take some time on a heating pad.

  4. Peacelearning

    Peacelearning New Member

    I have research on the web -- know what the tests are looking for, but the combo to the decreased monocytes has me wondering... Fighting something should increase them, I THINK?

    On aside, this is personal... I had a very difficult night last night. Pain and anxiety kept me awake until 3 AM. Anxiety because I was asked to take my sister to her dentist appointment. (I had to remember...) Wierd how what was so simple just 2 years ago can be a major event now. ANYWAY, I overslept. And though I was on time, I gave her a call to tell her that I might be 2 minutes late (as she is a time freek). I explained I had a bad night and overslept. She got very pissed -- hung the phone up on me and said, "I'll get someone else to do it!" When I called her this afternoon to check on her poor tooth, she said, "It's always about you..." I asked, "What do you mean?" She said, "I had to hear about how you had a bad night -- and I NEEDED YOU!"

    I explained I was not wanting this to be "all about me" rather I was explaining why I was running late, and I told her that it was not necessary to treat me like she did by hanging up the phone on me. She said, "Your tone of voice was what bothered me -- all quiet. You could have had some pep in your voice and just shortly said, "I am running a wee late, I'll be there 2 minutes late!" I explained I was trying to keep calm and peaceful as I was upset with myself that I overslept and I was trying to hurry my daughter (who also overslept) for school.

    Sincerely, not in vane, I cry, "MY GOD!" No wonder I have FMS! My own sister telling me how she needs my "tone of voice" to sound when I call her? I have learned not to have expectations on anyone as I deal with this chronic illness. It is what it is. All I can do (and sometimes I am not able) is take care of the basic needs of myself and my family/house. H E double toothpicks, I even have a hard time folding clothes due to arm pain and fatigue. I don't tell my mother, father and sister these things because I DON'T want it to be "all about me." (I was raise to grin and bear it) But dang it, the reality is, it is not "all about others" anymore either.

    As a cregiver, I have in the past been the one to "step up to the bat". Now that I can't, the interpretation from the narcists is "it's all about me".

    I have made a choice to distance myself from toxic relationships as I continue down the road to manage this illness and hopfully get better. These relationships include my mother, father and my sister. After all, when it's not "all about them" they blame me for it being "all about me".

    LORD, Tell the Truth
    Speak it loud
    Let me not expect the unexpectable
    And let me accept and deal with this path with Your grace
    Including taking care of myself as you lead in love, respect and loyalty

    And still Peacelearning
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Are you going to urinate more? I wondered if you had a UTI as in flares I get this. Also, if you are in a lot of pain when bloods are drawn cannot this affect the neutrophils? I think athletes go up after a race.

    I don't really know but hope you can get some answers for sure.

    LOve Anne C Please try not to worry, peace and calm listen to some soothing music. I always find(don't laugh) a Tennessee Ernie Ford spiritual songs tape makes me relax.

    Just relaly soothing hymns.

    Love Anne C
  6. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I was only able to pop on briefly last night and gave you a fast answer. It was about all I had anyway, but now I read of the problem with your sister.

    You might expect more of such behavior from people. It takes a while for them to get out of denial (if they ever do). Just do not let it bother you. It will bring additional stress and the best policy is to explain and let it be.

    I hope you are feeling a tad better today.

  7. Peacelearning

    Peacelearning New Member

    Again, thank you for words of encouragment.

    My question really is in the monocytes being low... As I understand it, (and please someone tell me if I am wrong.) monocytes are like baby cells -- part of the WBC made in the marrow. They are the first to grow in numbner and mature as they "tell" the body that there is an invation -- what kind, and how to fight it. Having high neutrophils means my immune system was at work fighting... but I do not understand the low monocytes. The science in me is curious.

    On another note:
    I am resting today. I need it. I was asked to sketch a portrait for a friend. I have not done it in a while -- so it took more energy than I thought. (still measuring myself on how I used to be). After I was done (it turned out okay) I could not even keep my eyes open. I laid down at 2:30 and 3 1/2 hours later my hubby woke me up and said, "You boiled the noodles, but where's the sauce?" I was so out of it I had not idea what time it was or even where I was.

    I asked my doctor (who I respect) "Exactly how slow can a slug go?"

    Humor... I HAVE GOT TO LAUGH in my mission toward Peacelearning.

    Blessings all

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