I need help with my diabetes

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    Can anyone tell me about any products endorsed by American Diabetes Association. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and I am only 21 please help? I have problems that have just started occuriing and I am very afraid of what the future holds for me.
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    Hi, I have just been diagnoised with type 2 but I assume that you are type 1 due to your age. I got the One Touch Ultra blood glucose monitor which does not hurt at all when you test . I never used anything else but a friend has and used it and raved at how it did not hurt like hers. You can test on the arm too but it is easier to test on the finger to get more blood. But if you are scared at first it is nice to use the arm until you are use to it. It is the commercial on tv with gutarist BB King where he talks about it being painless. It is so easy for me I have no problem at all and I have been testing for less a few weeks now only. My daughters dorm roommate in college was diagnoised this year with type 1 diabetes and is doing very well and she takes the shots too. It was very hard at first but she has no problem now. There is lots of information about devises to use to administer the shots and the needles are small. I am not sure what you were referring to in your post but I am sure you can call the Diabetes Assoc. and they can inform you as well as going on line and magazines at pharmacys. Don't despair. Take control of you condition and it will not control you. Good advise. Stress is bad so take care of yourself. Go to a nutrionist and learn how to eat and exercise if you can. Do you have CFS or FM too? It is harder then to exercise. Hope you have some support for the beginning adjustments. Talk to others with Type 1 .
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    you need to be on the diabetes board
    you can get lots of help and advice there..
    everyone is real freindly too they tell you what you need to know and help when they can ..post on there soon
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    I just found out 3 days ago that I had it and I am so scared for so many reasons