I need help with my dog's barking...............

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    My new dog barks alot when we are gone. According to my downstairs neighbors sometimes it is for several hours. My neighbors are being nice and they seem to understand that I'm trying to make this work, but I don't want them to be upset with us though either.

    He is about a year old and is an Austrialian shep/mix. We rescued him from the animal shelter. We've only had him for 5 weeks and when we got him my husband wasn't working but now he is working again and I continue to work part time too.

    We rescued him from the animal shelter and I really do not want to give up on him. He is a good dog and very smart.

    I've looked a little on the internet and see there are all kinds of bark collars--I do not want a shock collar.

    Any ideas?

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    Sometimes they recommend putting treats inside those hard bones or special chewing toys so that the dog has to work hard to get the treats out. Some of the pet stores may know exactly which toys and which treats would work the best for them.

    Sometimes you have to desenitize the dog by leaving for very short periods of time to allow the dog to get used to you leaving. Then slowly going to longer periods of time. I have known people that used bark collars and were not successful for them. A stressed out dog may continue barking because it is alone, it has not had a very long period out of a shelter or elsewhere, and it gets stressed when you leave. If it continues, you may have to consider doggie daycare. But try the toys with treats in them as a good first try.

    Also, don't be afraid to call the place where you got the dog to obtain their suggestions and tips/tricks to use. Remember, they were happy you adopted the dog and want the adoption to be successful and many have behavior specialists. Good luck and hugs. [This Message was Edited on 07/04/2011]
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    Thanks very much for your replys. I will look into them.
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    Yes, I have some suggestions for you. I live in a neighborhood with several dog-owners and have experienced the same thing that your neighbors have. Because I'm home much of the time with fibro, prolonged dog barking is a challenge. When dog owners are gone, they sometimes aren't aware of it. Usually, it's completely inadvertent.

    When I experienced this, I called vets to ask them ideas about what to do (and how to approach neighbors too). I'm not trying to put you on the defensive in any way, and I hope they help. :) The vets I spoke to told me many things I never knew before. They stated that dogs bark for a reason; either they are scared, bored or want attention. You mentioned being gone for several hours. Being alone for that long may be too much for him. Many times, especially with new dogs, they simply need more company and attention than a new owner realizes. They need to adjust and acclimate to their new environment and adjust to their new family and be reassured they belong.

    Vets told me that they are similar in some ways to little kids that need attention. The bark collars just punish the dog when it didn't do anything wrong, and they just want to be a bigger part of the owners' lives. If you and your hubby both work a lot now, maybe a friend could stop by to give your dog some more love or a doggy day care would help? I know that might seem like a lot, but it might go a long way in getting him acclimated to your home.

    I would not know these things at all myself unless I had been through this experience more than a few times. The vet you use may have other ideas as well. I hope this helps you out. :)


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    I leave a tv on or a radio.