I Need Help With the Purchase of Whey Protein, Please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Since I have been feeling so weak and no energy guess its the cfs .. Thought I would try some Whey Protein..

    Chenny says Undenatured Whey Protein but all I could find is Whey Protein Isolate is there a difference..

    Has anyone tried Whey and if so what kind and did it help in any way..

  2. zeowa

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    I'm not sure abou the difference between what Cheney is referring to and Whey Protein Isolate, though it may just be a "standardized" form of the active ingredient or something based on the name.

    Several years ago I was given a whey product (goat-milk based). I don't recall the results, which probably meant that they weren't significant enough to make a noticeable difference. I know there is a lot of info about dairy being undesirable, which I agree with, so it's good for people to know that there is a non-dairy alternative.

    Also, it was an MD who provided me with the product. I think it's often not "worth it" financially to buy independently, because there is such a difference between all of the products flooding the market and what a practitioner uses. Once you know what's prescribed/recommended, you can always find the product on your own for probably less money--though these products are fairly expensive anyway.[This Message was Edited on 08/01/2009]
  3. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    You can search the phrase "undenatured whey protein" with your search engine & bring up as much or as little technical detail about the difference between undenatured & regular whey proteins.

    My understanding is that basically the undenatured is processed differently than regular whey protein (which is processed more or less like skim milk powder from the grocery store). The special processing of the undenatured reduces oxidation of the product & makes the resulting whey powder more beneficial for immune function & glutathione production.

    Undenatured whey protein tends to be quite a bit more expensive than reg whey protein.

    It's possible you may get some benefit from regular whey powder, esp. if your diet is deficient in certain proteins. However it is more likely that you would receive benefit from undenatured whey, assuming that the underlying cause of your fatigue is related to an immune function and/or methylation cycle deficit.

    If there is another cause of your fatigue (say hormonal or family stress or whatever), whey protein may not be as helpful.

    However it's not likely to be harmful to try, unless you have an allergy or intolerance to dairy.

    I've used Designer Whey French Vanilla in the past. It is specially processed, but not considered truly undenatured. I use that particular flavor as it used stevia (not chemicals) as part of the sweetener. Because I have a dairy intolerance, I must take digestive enzymes with it. I do feel a short-term boost in energy from it. My son also finds it helps his mental & physical energy.

    Prohealth sells an undenatured whey called ImmunePlex I believe. I think they have a sale that runs through today ... not sure whether it includes this product.

    Best wishes.
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  4. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Hi gg,
    My naturopath and dr both recommended Jay Robb protein powder. My stomach is very sensitive and I tried some other protein powders and could not digest them, at all! I switch between the whey and the egg white version and I like vanilla. It is one of the best tasting ones I have tried. I haven't tried the prohealth version though. You can look up ingredients on jayrobb dot com.

    SnooZQ, may I ask what kind of digestive enzymes you use? i have a problem with dairy so I have been using the egg white protein powder. I have heard Kirkman and Houston are good but do not know which one to pick. There are so many choices! TIA

  5. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    I know there are many good digestive enzymes out there, but I am particularly fond of Now Nutrition "Chewyzymes" which are tasty little tidbits it take with foods I don't digest well. One problem I have with Vcap products is that I tend to have trouble digesting the capsule itself.

    Kirkman & Houston brands IME are commonly used for individuals " on the spectrum," and likely good quality products. They are a little pricier than the stuff I get from iHerb &/or Vitacost.

    Best wishes.
  6. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    I have a 7yo son on the spectrum and was thinking of getting the chewables for him and me. I need them more than he does though (lol). I will have to ask my Aspie mom friends which are helpful because when I go to the website I get overwhelmed!

    Thank you for the info:)

  7. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    I also love Jay Robb protein powder, it's much better tasting than any other brand I've tried.

    It seems really healthy, no casein, stevia....don't have the container here so don't know if it is unindentured.

    I use it when I want to boost the protein in my diet for weight loss, but many like it as a health additive and seem to feel better for it. It's great with fruit, oatmeal (uncooked), or even just plain blended with some ice cubes to make it like a milk shake.

    I usually order it from Jayrobb.com but now Whole Foods and GNC sometimes carry it. I usually get vanilla.

    Jay Robb also sells their own digestive enzymes which I use.

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