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    I used to have what the doctors called "chronic migraines", I have since found out that I have Acute Iritis. My vision gets worse every year, when inflammation occurs, I have to use steroid drops and dilate my eyes. I used to be extremely social. I had extreme abdominal pain "cramps" that was diagnosed as endometriosis. After my bout with that, I learned to live again. I have 3 children, the last two were extremely high risk as they took half of my uterus after my son. The details of that are too long to go into. Around 23, I started having abdominal pain, bathroom issues. Then the real pain started. My body started breaking down. They found Reynaud's. I went to a counselor as the doctor thought that it will help. I was diagnosed as PTSD. Next doctor, found the HLA-B27 gene, and sent me to Rheumatology and Neurology. Both poked and prodded a little and diagnosed Fibromyalgia. I moved south as the cold up north made it impossible to move. Most days I hurt, the doctors have all told me to not overdo it on my "good" days. The frustrating thing is that my "good" days are the days when I can get most things done. I take Lyrica, Bentyl, Valium, Baclofen, and Lortabs. Now my tongue spasms when I am trying to talk, my hands are cramped up, and the weight gain from the meds seem to be attacking my self esteem. I am only 31, I am scared of old age as I can't imagine hurting any more. I have tried all types of anti depressants, most of which leave me either in tears, or blank. Noone seems to understand and the doctor I picked down in this area slipped and hypochondria came out. I can't explain how that felt yet, but it made me want to find a new doctor. I need a support system, but noone seems to understand. Help!
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    Ignore Derek below because people are not supposed to be here selling their line of products.

    When patients get in extreme pain, especially where hands are cramped up, it can cause severe depression. That is when doctors will sometimes prescribe an anti-depressant to try to help you so you can continue through until they can figure out what is happening.

    I see a neurologist for my severe long-term migraines and with the back injury and being in the electric scooter, he also has diagnosed my leg with neural damage. I also have systemic lupus, malar lupus and suspected discoid lupus. I also have other ailments. My neurologist did more than poke and prod and found I had decreased sensation in the one leg, leading to his diagnosis of neural damage in that leg. He also did the EMG test of nerve conduction.

    It may be time that before you see doctors, that you prepare questions and then go in and get questions answered--for instance, what is your medical diagnosis of my various ailments.

    Also, go in with a form with all your ailments listed, so the doctors know everything and see it in writing. Have you ever provided them with a BACKGROUND as inclusive as the one you provided above? If not, you should.

    Don't give up and if your doctors won't act even with you giving them the detailed BACKGROUND, ask if your insurance company has an advocate that might help you get care to determine what is happening. I'm in a disabled group and one person developed MS, another person in another support group has a husband developing Parkinson's disease. But don't give up.
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    Sorry you are so sick.

    Take a look at the symptom list on p 9-11 of the following paper. If you have many symptoms on the list, you should be suspicious for a chronic Borrelia Burgdorferi infection. Many people with Borrelia burgdorferi infection also have common coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia, so look at the coinfection info/symptoms on pages 22-27 also.....


    All the best to you.

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