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    I put up a posting on the FMS board, but thought the rest of the story should be put here. I put on the other board (if you don't want to read it) that my chiropractor (I should say my ex-chiropractor) told me today that my FMS and basically anyone who has it, doesn't have to have it. We only have FMS because it is our choice. It comes from something that has happened in our childhood and from having low self-esteem and not feeling worthy to be loved. He told me Jesus suffered on the cross so that we don't have to suffer here on earth. God doesn't want us to suffer, and if we pray to God to teach us what His will is and tell Him that we don't want to suffer through it, we won't have our sickness. I believe Jesus suffered on the cross for our sins, but I don't remember anywhere in the Bible that says that we will never suffer.
    Am I wrong? I told the dr that I didn't believe what he thought. I would like any opinions. Thanks,
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    Thanks for your post. It is exactly what I feel, but never thought of to tell him. I wish I would of had you in the office with me. I am so thankful that God led me to this message board. :)
    Hugs & Prayers,
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    I have fm, I do not have low self-esteem I had a christian up bringing and as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.

    I don't belive that God "gave me this disease" I do belive that the flesh is weak not weak in spirit but weak from earthly things. I do not feel I am being punished by God.
    God is my refuge and my strength and He will never fail me.

    Hear me as I cry out to you Lord God smack that chiropractor good, teach him to be kinder and gentler to your children. Touch him in such a way that he will never again attempt to plant seeds of doubt. Let him hear from you in a mighty way, turn him around and use him for good not for evil.

    Bless Joan and remove any doubt in her mind, shower her with Your perfect love.

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    Your chiro's attitude is not unusual but it is unusual that he's so vocal about it in his profession.

    I call this type of thinking judgment masked as religion. I suppose, if we were perfect, if we were God and not human, we would be able to believe ourselves well.

    And, to give the devil his due (the chiro), I think our attitudes do have a bearing on our health. There is a strong mind/body connection in life. That's what gives this attitude of his such clout.

    God bless this person. He means well but he doesn't understand. His "religion" clouds his ability to love and God and Health are Love.

    That's what I think.......;>)

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    Thanks so much for your answers and suggestions. Would God really smack the dr really good? The image makes me smile. ;)
    And Dixie I could go back and tell him about Paul and his suffering, but the dr would probably have some quick answer for that, too. I would rather just forget about him. I'll pray that God will open his eyes to the Truth, and then forget about him. Thanks again,
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    This guy is so full of it telling you that. It is not our fault or choice that we are sick, we have a bad disease. People that talk like this usually know nothing about our illness so they should just be quiet.

    I had a chiro I went to about 15 years ago tell me I had Fm because I was overweight. He said when people loss the weight, they usually get better. That was a crock too.

    Don`t let this guy get to you. He doesn`t have a clue about this illness.

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    No offense to anyone who is religious, but what your ex-chiropractor told you is baloney, in my opinion.

    I prayed and prayed to get well but just kept getting sicker and sicker until I couldn't work at all till I researched to find the root causes, and got a proper diagnosis. I don't believe that my illness has anything to do with religion or my childhood and don't think yours does either. Besides people have had bad childhoods and low self-esteem before FMS even existed. The chiropractor is not being realistic and if it happened to them maybe they would realize. Please do not believe this person!! Believe in your own strength to find an answer and to each day get a little bit better and a little bit better. If (this being a worship board) you need to believe that GOD will lead you to the answer, so be it, but don't put a load of heaviness on yourself like this.

    Last year guy was coming over who kept telling me that illness was all in the mind, and if I just looked into my third eye chakra, then I could get well and have peace. I kept saying how it had real causes and no it is not all in the mind. He was saying how if I kept SAYING I was sick, I would be sick. It ISN'T that simple. If only it were!!!


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    Or any other illness for that matter? I for one don't believe that God WANTS us to suffer, but that we just do. We are human beings, not divine or immortal. And it is not our choice to suffer. But I also don't believe that God will just take it away. Everything happens for a reason.

    I believe there are lessons to be learned through our illnesses, and that it is up to God if we are "cured" or not. However, that being said, what we do and how we live with the illness is our choice. Do we stay strong and pray and learn how to deal with it? Do we learn how to help others like us? Do we learn our limitations and know when to take a step back so as not to endanger our own health? These are all the things we need to pray for and ask help for.

    If the goal here in this life is to become Enligtened, or reach Heaven, or Salvation, then our illnesses, FMS, RA, CFIDS, etc., are the test we have been given. How will we answer? I have FMS, RA, Panic Disorder, Endometriosis, am a survivor of Child Abuse, and have had many losses as many others have. But I will not give up. I have wanted to, but I believe I am here to do something more. I am here to help people. I pray that everyone finds their way. Even your misguided chiropractor.