I need prayers for my son-in-law and some answers on how to help him.

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mujuer, May 13, 2009.

  1. mujuer

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    My son-in-law just lost his mother two months ago and his father is already dating. Not only dating but calling my son-in-law while he is out having beers, at a bar, with his date. My s.i.l. is devastated. His dad is a mormon and is just floored that he is even at a bar, let alone having beers and on a date.

    When his mother died he told me that I have to be his mom because he didn't have one anymore. It broke my heart. I have tried to call him and have left messages but he doesn't return my call. I know he loves me and maybe he just said that in his grief but I am trying to get closer to him. They live in another state and I try to get down there twice a year. I know my daughter is there for him all the time. He has had to deal with alot lately and I just ask for your prayers for him. P
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    Prayers coming your way for your SIL. I went through that with one of mine also, and I know how you hurt for him. Mine was in the military at the time, and I sent him a lot of "Thinking of you" type cards with really nice verses just to let him know that he was special and we cared. I didn't know what else to do either.

    I do know they need their space to grieve their losses, and he basically has gone through two...the loss of his mother and the changes in his father. Maybe he just isn't ready to reach out yet, but I'm sure he will. It's great that you care and want to be there for him. He'll see that when he's ready, and appreciate your love and support.

    Praying God will provide the strength and comfort he needs to see him through, and that you can find the right words to comfort him. That's the most important thing we can do, is ask God to take over... wishing you all the best***Jole***

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    Sending prayers for your SIL and daughter,that Our Lord will wrap His loving arms around them during this difficult time~~~Jeanne
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    So sorry to hear about the death of your SIL's mom. His dad's dating so early after her death I am sure is also a hard one and must make him and everyone feel badly. Not much else you can do I guess edcept try and keep intouch some. However, living a distance away is not much help either. I know I have that problem. Then that it makes it so much harder.

    God bless you, your SIL and his dad, and hope that Our dear LORD will help him to make the right decisions. Yes, I am sure he is very lonely now that his wife is gone but rushing into anything is not a good thing either. He might regret it later on that he rushed to try and find someone so quickly.


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    condolences on the death of your son in laws mothers passing and praying for healing on all levels for everyone and that all the difficulties are resolved in the right manner....it sounds so complicated and i do sympathise with your son in law who must be grieving and have to see his father date so soon....at least your son in law will know that you do care when he receives your messages....

    God Bless
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    all for your prayers and advice. I am sending him out a card today. He is still very raw over the whole thing. There has been so much going on for him. I just ask that everyone keeps praying for him. P
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    Praying for your son-in-law. And for you to have inspiration for when and how to communicate to him.

    Blessings to your family.