I need prayers more now than ever..........

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  1. Milo83

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    I need prayers now more than ever...
    A lot has happened in my life in the past few years, My Mother getting sick and being in a NH and so close to death - but still hanging on - she is not living, only exsisting...I trust in God and know he will take her when the time is right - but it just seems so unfair, to see her just lay there and suffer......

    My health problems have gotten worse, both mental and physically - I need strength to go on - it's getting harder each day, especially with everything I'm facing on a mental basis.........

    My husband had lost his job back in July, but did find another one, but is actually bringing home less than what unemployment paid - we can not live on this - there are medical bills to be paid, and mortgage, utilites and so on - he has had an interview for another job, but they are not sure when they will take him, WE CAN'T HOLD OUT MUCH LONGER, WITHOUT SELLING OUR HOME...

    We have a son who is a freshman in college, he's a good kid, and most of his college expenses were scholarships, grants, and he contributed so much, he still works a couple hours a week to have money for odds and ends, but we are not able to give him much at all to help...

    We have been having trouble to even buy our groceries, no, we are not starving, but I dread going to the grocery store, because I have to really take my time, and check for the best deals there...

    We have no health insurance as of now, because we couldn't afford COBRA, nor any type of insurance on our own - we were able to get medical assistance for our son - my prescription drugs run close to $950.00 a month - WE JUST DON'T KNOW WHICH WHERE TO TURN ANYMORE - Family members have helped us out some, but we can't keep asking for more help...

    Please Dear God, help us find a solution to all this - lead us in the right path...I trust in God and believe everything will turn out for the good - but, at the present, we just feel so lost and don't know what to do......

    Thank you all for letting me post this, and please pray for my family and me, as I will pray for all of you.....

    Thank You........God Bless......Love, Donna
  2. Freedom1

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    Donna I am sincerely praying for your needs and the needs of your family. I pray that your Mom is pain free and is in Gods hands no matter what. I pray that your husband can secure a great paying job, that you are blessed financially to maintain your home and to provide for the necessities of life. I, too, am struggling from a similar situation. Needing income, Having dealt with paying high COBRA insurance costs, now in essence needing a financial miracle, and dealing with health issues that seem to curtail any progress. It is way too challenging. Thank God you have a loving family and prayerwarriors, such as DixieLee and the others on this Worship board, to lift up your needs to Christ. They have been a great source of comfort and advisement to me. I know what you feel when you say "We just don't know where to turn, anymore." Many of us find ourselves in positions that we have never been before. It is quite harrowing -- much is on the line and we have every right to expect God to come through for us. (showing us what to do, who to call, or leading us to that special someone or circumstance, etc.) It just always seems to take so long. I pray in your case and for those of us in similiar situations that we can soon give a testimony on this board that the needs were taking care of speedily and in an awesome manner by God.
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    Dear Lord,I pray that Donna`s Mom has your peace and that she has no suffering.Lord, please touch Donna and ease her physical and mental anguish. Please, I ask in your name Father to give blessings to Donna and her husband in their time of great need with their finances. Bless their son that they love so. Dear Lord, please bless this loving woman,her family and lay upon them peace and blessings. Praise to you now Father,Amen.
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    Donna and really sorry you've got so many problems right now. I can well understand why you don't know where to turn next.

    Be assured that many are praying for you right now, that God will ease this stress in your life and find a way of cutting through the chaos which surrounds you.

    Things work so differently across the Atlantic for folks in real need (a free health service for one thing - well one that's paid for by our taxes) so I cannot offer more than the hand of friendship and support rather than advice as I don't understand all the "systems" in your country. (Sorry about that.)

    I hope you can turn to God and draw strength from him. He knows your needs and sees your plight. Praying for you Donna and your lovely family.

    Hugs and prayers
    Music Teacher (UK)
  5. LindaH

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    Please know that you and your entire family are always in my prayers. I can't tell you how sorry I am for your troubles. We have been in the same kind of financial situation before. Right now things are okay but things can change from one day to the next.

    I know it is hard to trust that the Lord will provide. We are so human and we want to fix things instead of turning them over to God. I will pray that you have peace in your heart and the comfort of knowing that you have the love of God and all of your friends here.

    Love and God bless,
  6. sunflowergirl

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    This whole drug/medical business in the U.S. is just getting out of hand that most people are struggling. Are you able to buy for less out of Canada? I know a lot of states are getting into this now? I believe Minnesota was the first one.

    I certainly will be praying for your entire family. Take care and try not to worry so much.
  7. LynneH

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    Oh girl, I pray for you every night. I surely hope things get better.

    Love and big hugs, Lynne
  8. kathyrere

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    Bless your heart. I do pray for you Donna all the time.
    I am so sorry your life is so hard.

    sometimes I think that is how we got these stupid disease from having such a hard life. but one thing for sure we learn to be very strong. you are a strong woman. sometimes it may not feel like it that's when you lean on all of us and God.

    i pray things get easier in your life. donna you are a real special lady.
    God Bless you
  9. luvumore

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    Donna I will pray for you and your family. you are a wonderful person and deserve the best life has to offer.
    love xxxxxxxxxxxx Danielle
  10. greatgran

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    We share so many burdens our Mom's, illness and now the financial problems..I won't bore you with the
    details of mine but I sure can relate..No health, No money and all
    the stress sure can take a toll on you..

    My depression/anxiety and agorphobia has gone thru the roof..Not able to leave the house unless it is just a have to. I feel I am to old for this.lol..

    Just wanted to let you know I think of you so much and you will be in my prayers..

    God Bless you,