I need prayers to remain sane

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  1. My Dad passed away on Sept 7,2008....He didn't go to Drs'. and died of Septic Shock...My Mother followed him 7 months later Arpil 14,2009...She had diabetes, and Alzheimer's...She was in a nursing home,a very hard choice I had to make...but I couldn't quit my job to care for. And I couldn't get around the clock care for her......Now that they're gone I have no one in my life....No friends, family,all alone...Sometimes I wish I could join them....

    I feel very depressed,and my Dr.started me on 10mg. of Lexapro..anti-depressant...I hope it will help...I need prayers to go on with my life, to meet someone special to share my life with,and to find new friends....Hugs to all, Helena
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your parents. Your mother's death was so recent also. I will be so happy to pray for you, as will many here! You can get to know us more, there is a lot of support here for every kind of situation.

    Will keep you in my prayers, for you to make connections - friends, and others in your life. To get help with the depression, and be able to grieve without despair.

    Sending blessings and prayers,
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    I'm sorry about the passing of your parents. If you go to the Grief board here, there are some articles that may help you.

    Until you pull out of this grieving and depression and stop wishing you were dead and could join your parents, it is really not the right time to try to meet someone special in your life--ultimately it isn't their responsibility to make you happy and remove your pain. And if that person left because of your depression and grief, it could put your down even further and that's a good reason to recover first. With depression, even from grieving, your happiness must eventually come again from you, and not from a boyfriend, loved ones, or from new friends and that's why depressed people end up sometimes with broken marriages, boyfriends that leave, friends that leave--no human can pull you out of despair and pain, except you. Read the articles and give yourself time to constructively grieve (no wishing you were dead) and eventually you should start back to finding your own happiness again. If your thoughts continue on dying to join your parents, please talk to your doctor again. Many hugs and prayers to give your guidance, and strength to pull through.

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    I agree that no one can make us happy but ourselves....but, sometimes we do need help with our depression, and I'm happy that you've seen a doc about that. I too am on Lexapro. Your doc started you on a very low dose, so don't expect a lot at first. Also, it does take about 2 weeks to really become effective. Hopefully, if it doesn't help much your doc will up the dosage, which is normal. If you feel no difference please let him/her know...and especially if your depression gets worse. There are many antidepressants, and what works for one may not work for another. Mine certainly helped me!

    Please don't get down on yourself for the feelings you're having. Grief is something we cannot control, and it takes longer for some of us than others to be able to work through things, especially if you have feelings of guilt for any reason.

    Are you still working? Is there someone there you could become friends with? Just maybe start with talking a few minutes at lunch about cheerful things, then get to know each other better. If not, this board is a great place to make friends that really understand and care. You ARE important!!!

    I will also be praying that you find peace in your life, and something worthwhile to do with your life that may help others. That, I think, is the key....helping others. Love ya....Jole
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    Losing my father a couple of years after my mother and my father in law passing away suddenly a a few months before my father made me so stressed, i fell really ill. Please look after yourself. Its a natural process to grieve a parents loss. But where I am now, i can say Time heals. I pray you can discover the truth of this sooner than later.

    Do you think in addition to the traditional doctor seeing a therapist would help you?

    Keeping you in my prayers

    God Bless
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    I can relate .. very much. I will pray for you.

    Yes, you NEED to seek out friends right away (especially at church(es) and church groups.

    Also ... Involve yourself with people, do things for others, and try to think of some things you've always wanted to do, and do them.
    Maybe join a group or club.
    Treat yourself to (good) things that you normally don't (even little things .. buy a little "special" gift for yourself, buy your favorite ice cream and invite someone over to watch a good movie with you).

    These HELPED me thru devastating times as I slowly pulled out of the grieving process and depression.

    I will pray for you. Jim

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    Well , a good place to start with finding new friends is right here ! I would like to be one of them !

    I am so sorry about your Mom and Dad. It sounds like you did what you could. It is great that your doctor is starting you with Lexapro. Keep up with seeing the doctor and with pursuing the anti-depressants. I take them and they have been a God-send.

    Praying for saneness and peace for you .

    In His Grace and Love , and with big gentle HUGS for you .

  8. I read each of your replies, and I want to thank you for your advice, concern, and showing me what special people are out here on the board...Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for me...Prayers are powerful...and can truly help the person they are sent for. God Bless you all...And Thanks, Soulight....for offering to be my friend...Hugs to all, Helena