I need prayers

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by fibrobutterfly, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. I always have pain in low back and hips but it has gotten so severe its hard to deal with it, nothing helps. Please pray for the pain to ease for me . Thank you.
  2. PVLady

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    I will pray for you. Also, I want to mention EFT (emotional freedom techniques) It truly helped my pain. You can do a websearch on EFT and download a free 79 page manual. In the beginning I printed that manual out and kept it with me.

    Each day, I read it and did the exercises until I understood it. It is VERY easy - a combination of accupressure and affirmations. Like speaking to your body I guess. However this thing works, it did work for me.

    Secondly, my husband had terrible arthritis pain in his knees, back and thumb. He started Limbrel 7 months ago and is still getting excellent results. Limbrel has no side effects - it is prescription but is classed as a medical food supplement. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant and decreases inflammation in your body. Don't confuse Limbrel with Embrel - Limbrel is new and they don't advertise much.

    My mom had terrible back pain from degenerative disc disease. The only thing she said that really helped was a pain patch called Lidoderm. In addition, her pain specialist combined several different pain meds in lower doses that seemed to really control the pain. She was on low dose cortisone, Lortab, Darvocette for breakthrough pain, Soma at bedtime. (my mom passed a few months ago at age 93).

    Hope you feel better soon. You are in my prayers...
  3. Rachelsvine

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    I will pray for you, i have Fibro as well. i will pray until I hear from you again. OK?BT123

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