i need serzone info from people taking it 2+months

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    I am about to head to the Dr. and tell him NO MORE SSRIs for me. all of the SSRIs I have tried (prozac, lexapro, celexa, zoloft, paxil) have the same side effects which make me miserable... extreme drowsiness, extreme nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, severe sexual dysfunction.

    i flat out refuse to take them anymore.

    i have also tried nortryptaline... gaveme nightmares and made my mood swing so bad it was unbearable.

    i refuse to take another SSRI.

    I have GAD, panic disorder associated with PTSD. I want to try serzone after researching it like crazy, now i want to hear how people have done on it.
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    I had nausea with the first dose and then none after that. I had no weight gain, no sexual dysfunction, and I felt better in 3 days. It took 50% of my pain away immediately. I started really low (25mg). I would stay on it for the rest of my life, it made such a difference for me. But they now have a black box warning on it, for liver problems. There have been some deaths due to liver failure. I have mine checked every 6 months. The other draw back is that it is hard to discontinue it. It needs to be tapered over a couple of months otherwise, you'll have losts of pain etc. I am down to 125mg and I can't go any lower.

    So I don't know if you have had your appointment yet, but not sure serzone is the drug of choice anymore. Good luck in your search. I did what you did, once I decided to go on an anti depressant thought serzone was the best one. Oh well!
    Hope this helps. -Karen
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    I've been taking serzone 2+ weeks! but I thought I'd share. First off from taking serzone I was so groggy and had nausea, but now into my third week I am feeling better and the nausea has gone. I'm taking 150mg.
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    Hi Juice, welcome to the board, good for you refusing the SSRI's, I have never taken them but sure have heard some horror stories about them.

    Nortriptyline turned me into a zombie! Will never go there again! I slept, but could not wake up for 24 hours on a very low dose.

    I only take one prescribed med, thats Xanax, low dose once a day for racing brain syndrome. Everything else I take for FM is supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals and a lot of common sense things that help with pain, spasms, and that all important thing 'sleep'.

    Can't help with the Serzone, but I am sure others here can, and will!

    Again, welcome to the board.......................

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I took serzone for several months. Had no side effects except that when I woke up anything in my peripheral vision was in quadruplicate or so. This didn't happen until I had been on them for a long time. Lasted about 5 minutes then went away. Came back each morning. I've forgotten what the Dr. called it, but he wasn't concerned. I decided I didn't like it and was feeling much better, so went off. Had no problems at all. Just quit taking them and was fine. I later found out, from another physician, that I was on a very, very high dose for my body and that was probably why I had the problem.
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    i am trying to gain weight while combatting psychological disorders,,, wanna know if serzone will hinder weight gain... sexual dysfunction, clouded thinking..

    also specific positive effects...

    increased effeciency (more organized/focused thinking)
    lessened agorophobia/panic?

    anyone got any specifics?

    and thanks to everyone who has replied so far
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    You need to use remeron. It made me really sleepy, but my dr. insisted that even a little bit would be really beneficial and it does help with weight. I, unfortunately, did not need to gain so I gave it up. Serzone did make me feel better, but not quite all there. Course, I may have been in a fibro flair, too. It's been so long, I really don't remember a lot, sorry. And, like I said I was way overdosed. I think you'll just have to try it and see what happens. They all seem to be individual, anyway. Lendi
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    for more info.

    i am still seeking alot of feedback on serzone tho... before researching various antidepressants i had never heard of serzone, but after tons of reading, i found it most fit my needs (apparently)

    i guess now it is trial and error time. i got my script today for it. 100mg to start, increased to 125 in two weeks, then 150mg two weeks after that

    she wants me to get up to the 250mg level over a 3 month period of time then hover. that is our current plan