i need some advice about milk thistle and liver enzymes PLEZ HELP

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    I have been taking milk thistle 1000 mg spring valley brand and it has been working for me lower enzymes and everything. However just recently my enzymes increased and is not normal at all. The milk thistle i have been on them for almost a year. I take two pills every morning and it always worked till now. I need my enzymes to stay normal and not increase if i go and get a blood test. My theories why its not working now is that maybe my body has got used to me taking 2000 mg a day and i have to increase it. Another theory is that i need to decrease it to 1000 mg cause last time i took it i had to use the bathroom pretty bad. It came out in liquid form. Other theories are that maybe i ate to many carbs cause i do eat alot of potatoes be4 a blood test. If there is any way anyone can plez tell me how to get my enzymes to stay normal i would so appreciate it. I would take anything to get them to be normal. Plez Plez Plez help. I really need to find out immediantly. Also plez dont suggest me going to a dr. I dont have the money to do that.
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    Unfortunately, this board doesn't get much traffic. If you try the Fibromyalgia board, someone may be able to answer your question. It's a busier board. In the upper right-hand corner you can click on Select A Board under Message Boards. Click on Fibromyalgia. People on that board have a vast range of experience. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie