I need some ENERGY Does Anything help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I am so exhausted with this fibro all the time. Is there anything that help give you energy? I'm getting desperate!
  2. hugs4evry1

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    I've only been taking them for a week or so but I'm really liking the vitamins at the Pro Health Shop for Fibromyalgia.

    Hubby's on them too and he likes them as well.

    Something easy you might want to try.

    Nancy B.
  3. ckball

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    I too, have incrediable fatigue. My Dr suggested I take a B-12 liquid called Sublingual B-12, you can get it any drug store in the vitiman section. It helped me, then I had too much B-6 becuase I take a multi vitiman, so I stopped.

    Wow what a difference, I was sooo tired I couldn't even keep up with daily life, I do not work and live alone.
    I went back on the B-12 this week and it made a differece. Carla
  4. Gladiatorgirl2

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    The only thing that gets me through is Coffee. Nothing else works. I've tried vitamins and they do nothing.
  5. CanBrit

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    I'm taking this every day. 1000 mg but they say you can take up to 6000. It gives me a much needed boost to get through the day.

    Great stuff!

  6. Pianowoman

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    I second the B12.Take lots! If you can get someone to give you the shots,it's even better!

  7. shootingstar

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    That gives me an hour or so in the morning. Because of insomnia problems I have not tried it later in the day.
  8. JLH

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    Make sure you get adequate potassium. Eat potassium-rich food daily, such as bananas, etc.

    Also, my mother swears by monthly B-12 shots. She tells me that the best way for B-12 to work is by injection. She gets one monthly at her primary care doc.

  9. Marta608

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    I posted here not long ago about the energy I get from a product called (wait: I have to go get it......sigh)

    Ooook. Source of Life liquid - vitamins and minerals plus other energy boosters. You can google it to see the label - it's made by Nature's Plus.

    Word of caution: The recommended dose of 2 T. per day will give you energy - lovely non-hyper-just-feeling-very-good-marvelous-haven't-felt-this-way-in-way-too-long energy - but do NOT use all you get or you'll be sorry. Been there, done that.

    My yard looks great though...

  10. Scarlett2

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    The only thing that I've found that even remotely helps keep me awake and functioning is the drug Provygil. They usually give it to people with narcolepsy but my doc tried it with me and it helps me work through the day.....most of the time! For a whole year my insurance company wouldn't approve the drug for me because I wasn't diagnosed with narcolepsy, so I scrimped and begged for samples from my doc and he did give me quite a few and that helped, but now, a new insurance company says ok, so I can take it every day thank goodness! Although, if I'm just gonna be home and bumming around doing nothing, I don't bother to take it just in case there's a day where I really really need to be awake, alert and no fog, then I can take 2!!

  11. I don't drink coffee, so thats out. B 12 injections, my dr. won't give me any. Darn!
  12. mme_curie68

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    I have been taking Adderall for the past few months.

    I take 10 mg up to 3x a day. It has made all the difference for me. Doesn't give me a huge up, but gives me enough energy to keep working full time - I can make it through a day and into early evening so I can go to yoga class or my recovery group.

    It's not a cure, just treatment of the symptom. If I don't take it, I go right back into the fatigue like it had never stopped.

    Madame Curie

    PS - this is available as a generic. My doctor wanted me to try Provigil, but the co-pay is the highest tier. So I asked if I could try generic adderall or ritalin first.

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  13. HppeandMe

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    Hi Fibrobutterfly-

    Two things that have worked for me (and I think I have tried them all including the B-12 injections) are Mitochondria Ignite which is sold here at Prohealth. This worked for me for 3 months. My doctor told me that things usually work for a certain period of time and then your body gets use to them. She said it is best to try it again in 2 months and I did and it worked for me again about the same length of time.

    I also take Provigil, my insurance company covers it but it gives me extreme headaches, it makes it even harder to fall asleep (even with the 4 meds I take to get to sleep), and it makes me emotional. I only take this for the two months that I am off of the Mitochondria Ignite. Sometimes I don't take anything because I don't like the Provigil and I suffer with severe fatigue.

    Good luck with what ever you try as some things work for some people and other things work for others.

    Keep us posted as to what works for you.