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  1. waterstone

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    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and myofacial pain early last year.
    I am trying to cope and still have my ups and downs. Mostly the weather seems to affect me. since the illness I have been having trouble keeping a job because of absences.

    My husband was supporting me but just got laid off and I want to do anything I can to help us survive but am limited in some ways and seem to be hurting more because I am stressed again.

    Does anyone know of help for me or any place to call to find a job that will be flexible? Maybe a placement center.

    Curious of what anyone that is currently working, or that has information has done.

    thanks much in advance

  2. Shirl

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    Hi, glad you found our board. I am sorry I can't help with the job, but we do have many members that do work.

    So sorry you husband lost his job, that is terribly hard, I have been there a few times in my life too.

    Hopefully someone here has some helpful information for you.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope you find some help soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. garyandkim

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    I worked when I could a max of 1 hour split pd. I made $10.00 an hour and it got me out of the house and sitting in a car to helping kids for a 20 min period cross to school. I was pd for 4 hours pd and I loved that I was home when the kids were and never had to explane when unable to work. Just an idea.

    Take care, Kim
  4. 925seed

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    Hi. I'm currently not working. I made the mistake of taking on too many hours when I was feeling good ,and then felt really bad and was unable to keep up with all the work. I won't do that next time. In the past however I have had jobs working in merchandising that are pretty flexible. When I decide to work agian I plan to go back to that. I moslty worked for greeting card companyies. Basically what you do is stock the card sections at food stores, and some other stores. You can usually set your own hours. I worked one job for four hours a week. I would go in some days, feel sick and go home and return to finish the next day. Or sometimes I would take a break and come back in an hour or so. It depends on the job but most have certain hours when the receiver(the person who takes care of the mercandiser's orders coming into the store)is there. And you have to be in before 10:00 or 12:00 to get your stock from them. Some stores aren't real strict and let you come in after they leave. The one store I was in was so flexible I used to come in weekends or nights when I couldn't get in during the day. You have to go through a training period where you work with the boss or other people on thier hours but it doesn't take long to learn. The only thing is sometimes it got hard for me to lift the boxes because they were heavy that day. You could probably find a nice guy that'll help you get the cards to your department if needed.:)It's worth a try. If you look in the classifieds under merchandiser, or even try calling a card company (look up a company on the internet)and ask if they have any jobs available in your area. Most products in food stores or drug stores have merchandisers that stock them, like make up, magazines etc. Good Luck.
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    This is a job I had for a while that might work. I was a home health homemaker. I went to senior citizen's or disabled person's homes and helped them with household tasks. It wasn't anything too strenuous. Most assigned households just took between one to three hours to complete all the tasks. So you could do it when you were feeling good.

    It got to be too much for me because I had to drive too far to make it pay off.

    I think most hospitals have programs like this.

    What about something at a library? I don't have any really good ideas for this. I wish you good luck and hope you feel better soon. Granmakitty
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  6. tulip922s

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    working from home on the computer. I have read from others on this board that are doing it successfully. My condition is so severe that I am unable to even work part-time. Hopfully this will "bump" you post up so that someone who is familiar with working from home can help you. Best of luck to all. Tulip
  7. healthywannabe

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    Hello. there are lots of jobs online that you can do. You can book peoples vacations online, and other stuff. or you could telemarket from home. Home jobs might be easier with your fibro. just some suggestions. :) If you search on the web by your state I'm sure you'll find some good at home jobs. welcome to the board! Have a great day and i will be praying for you! peace...ZOe