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    on Sept. 21 I will be making a trip to my hometown of Ottawa, Canada (I now live in NJ, USA). Mostly this trip is to see my mom who just had a mastectomy yesterday (she also has FM/CFS), and she is doing VERY well btw.

    However there are some things I have planned for the trip as well...a couple things with my Dad and a couple things with friends. The one thing I am worried the most about is a family gathering I will be attending. I have not seen these family members (except my parents and 1 aunt) for the last 4.5 years so I am looking forward to it, I am lucky it fell in my time frame...

    BUT the main reason for the gathering is for 3 of the kids birthdays that are close together (young kids), so on top of my family being there there will also be other young kids there too. I really really do not like kids in any way. I am embarrassed to say that I will tolerate my cousins but that is truly what it is...I have never liked kids, not even when I was a kid.

    So here is the reason for my post. Can anyone give any suggestions as to how I can keep my stress level down at this event so that my FM doesn't flare and ruin the rest of my trip? I think I will be able to handle the pain adequately (my doc made sure I had the pain meds I need) but I am worried about the stress causing a flare. Any ideas?

    Oh I should mention that MOST of my family is VERY understanding of FM (my mother has had it for like 25 years) and the others just don't understand what a chronic illness is like but there is no one that is going to be thinking I am a faker or anything.
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    are about the only thing I can think of. I don't like screaming kids, either, there are some by my mom's house. People don't realize that what is music to their ears may be fingernails on a blackboard to others where kids are concerned. Even my little dog has a high piercing yelp at time which makes me cringe. You can still hear with ear plugs in, but if you have any screamers around, it will help tone them down.

    Of course, some of the parents may get offended, you'll have to make up some excuse other than "screaming brats" if someone asks why you're wearing them. Maybe say you have an ear infection and the doc said to keep them in so you wouldn't infect any of the kids!

    The foamy kind work the best for me. You roll them back and forth between your thumb and finger until they are thin enough to stick in. Then they expand and fill the hole.

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