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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by theycallmeLois, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. theycallmeLois

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    The guitar guy just looked cool.

    I was thinking of start school back in the fall. Now having FM are there ways i can get extra money or should I be consired a disabled something. I don't work right now. I want to in a way milk this as much as I can, I know that sounds bad, but when it comes to paying for college you have to find all avenues.
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    but, when I lived in WV I went to what they called Vocational Rehabilitation. They did give me a small amount each semester to help with college. Their rules aren't that strict. I didn't have FM then, but I got the help because I had asthma and had a previous back surgery. Your best bet would be to call the financial office at the school and have a chat. Also, call your local employment security and social services. They both should know about any services in your area--and, there's always Google! Good Luck To You!

  3. MsE

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    I'd start in your college bursar's office.

    Tell the Bursar you have fibro and can get a note from the doc testifying to that. (I imagine your doc would do that.) Ask the Bursar what is available in the way of financial aid for someone who is disabled.

    Ask if you have to have been granted disability by the State in order to qualify for any extra funds that might be available.

    If so, find out what steps you must take to qualify. You might want a parking permit, too, if the fibro is bad enough to warrant it. Many folks with fibro use them.

    I do know that your college counseling department can give you a card to show your instructors. It will enable the instructors to ease up on your work deadlines when you are in a flare. At least that's the way in works in my state, and my niece, who has CFS and some other bad stuff, made that arrangement at her college.
  4. theycallmeLois

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    So, Should I start filling out papers immedailty to get disability stuff? Or am I in Denial? I still park far away thinking I need the extra exersize. I usually end up paying for it when I get in there.

    I have the stupid Firbo-fog every day. I loose my train of thought all the dang time or can't remember the word. I HATE IT!

    I don't like this.

    I got a call from a PT I am so glad my doctor is understanding and is helping me and refering me to everything. I don't have to ask for anything, except meds.

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