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    Hi fibrofriends,

    My name is Carla, and it has been a while since I have been on to post.I really need some input on a few questions that I have. .. have been having some very unpleasant symptoms for months now.( hope this up close and personal doesn't offend anyone)
    I recently had a growth removed from my behind. It has been there for at least ten years that I know of , my mom even looked at it 9 years ago or so and we both think that it was a mole of some kind- just a little ball of tissue not right next to the opening, but maybe an inch from it. Well, about 7-8 months ago, I started having some uncomfortableness in that area, and when I would go to have a b.m., it would seem to get irritated in the general region. Well, I started treating it as a hemmorhoid soon after, used the suppositories,the cream, the whole kit and kaboodle. Well, it seemed to soothe the pain some but did not shrink this "thing" on me. So, as time kept going on, the pain and itching and soreness has doubled. I was having a hard time telling if the pain was coming from the opening to my anus or the mole area itself, so my gynecologist looked at it. Actually I have 3 gynocologists - one said it was a small hemorrhoid, one didn't know for sure because it was not right at the opening, and the other said he just couldn't be sure so he removed it about 10 days ago. Well, I was reallllllllly hoping that this would be the end of my pain - but it hasn't been. In fact, the pain is worsening with every day - every time that I have a bowel movement, it burns and itches so bad - I use iodine solution and antibiotic cream . I have been doing some reading on my problem and I think that I might have an anal fissure. Has anyone ever had this before? My symptoms somewhat match that of an anal fissure. BUT, could it be sometype of bacterial infection? OR what?!!!!!!!! I have irritable bowel syndrome as well, but have never had these symptoms with it. Part of me is wondering if s-thing is blocking my colon. I say this because when I do go to have a b.m., sometimes I feel like I am trying to push out a baby or s-thing - i have been getting "backed -up" quite a bit lately. To the point that I take citrucel now, but every morning, I get up and my stomach is so huge and swelled with gas, and I don't know what. I have gained weight abnormally lately - I have gone from a size 5 jeans to an 8 and am still gaining. Mostly in the stomach region - very NOT LIKE ME. Part of me is also wondering if I have a growth inside of me or s-thing. Well, that's pretty much it. Can ANYONE RELATE????????????? Please write me if you can. I want to have some sort of tests ran.
    Thanks so much for listening all, LOL, Carla
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    I had an anal fissure about 20 years ago. I honestly can't remember if it was painful or not! I just know that I bled every time I had a bowel movement, but it was bright red blood (not something in the stool), so I saw my primary doctor who diagnosed that. The good news is, they just cauterize it, so it won't continue to bleed & cause problems (they give you a local anaesthetic) and then, at least in my case, it was never a problem again!

    Good luck-----I would definitely go further to get a dx for this (sounds like your gyn. drs. are really not sure) because if it is something as easy to fix as an anal fissure, you should get it taken care of. Hopefully it isn't anything serious!

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    Thankyou Pam for your reply. I made an appointment in February to see my doc. about it. Whatever it is, I just hope that we can get it cleared up soon. I am pretty miserable. THANKS AGAIN! - Carla
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    good idea to call your doc's office back and see if you can get an earlier appointment. Tell them you are in a lot of pain and would like to be seen.
    It would be nice to have a Dx.