I need some support, BADLY!!!!

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    OK, it all started on Thursday. My pain skyrocketed out of control. The Percocet and Ultram were not even touching it. So, I waited and rested, and stretched, and put heat and cold packs on it, and waited. Finally MOnday rolls around and I decided to go to the ER. I was there for 7 hours, and they did an MRI. I have been waiting for months to get one. So, all they found was a herniated disk, not stenosis which is what the doc thought it was. So, 2 shots of Demerol, and I was sent home. I talked to my doc that night and he said that there has got to be another reason why I have this pain (DUH!! Fibromyalgia anyone???) And he wanted to get me into a pain clinic today to manage my pain. So I wait all day today to find out that no clinics could get me in anytime soon. Then the jerk doc calls me and procedes to tell me that my pain is caused by my increasing addiction and withdrawl from my pain meds.I argued that my body is DEPENDENT to control the pain, but I am NOT ADDICTED!!! And I do not go through withdrawl, because I am always on the meds!!! He then said that he didn;t want to give me anymore meds, and that he wanted me to detox at home. YEAH RIGHT!! So I fought him on it, told him that it was dangerous and to remember his oath "First of all, do no harm". HE said that he was not harming me, he was helping me. I fought and fought and cried and cried. First he said that he would give me Tylenol 3's, then he finally said that he would give me 2 weeks worth of 10 mg. Lortab max of 5 per day and Ultram max of 4 per day. ( I was on 10 mg. Percocet max 5 pd, Ultram max 8pd). So, I guess it's better than nothing. So now I am really pissed!!! As soon as my insurance goes through in a couple weeks, I am getting a new doctor and a Rhumy right away!!! My doc will not even consider that its Fibro! He has admitted that it could be, but that my pain was too intense to be Fibro, can you believe it??!! And he just wants to dismiss my pain since he can't justify the level of pain I'm in by tests!!! What about all my other symptoms? I'm supposed to suffer now even more than I have been? I'm already bed ridden and can barely walk!!!!! I am so mad right now, I'm about to lose it. I need some supportive words. What should I do? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

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    So sorry to hear of this trial. It is so hard to get some Drs to listen and probe areas of medicine they don't understand. Getting a new Dr is definitely a good idea. Rheumatologists are generally more sympathetic to fibro. Don't you wish some of the people who poo-poo fibro could experience the pain just for a few minutes? Then they would know how severe the pain can get. I have found, and I don't understand why, that sublingual B12 is helpful for pain management. Hope your situation improves very soon!

    Blessings & Cheers
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    I'm so sorry you are having such a tough time. The truth is that fibromyalgia can hurt "that" bad. Obviously you already know this.
    It does sound like you do need to find another pain specialist-especially one who works with fibro. I know that it is very frustrating and bothersome to have to try and find a new doctor -especially when you are in so much pain.
    I stopped seeing my last doctor when I had to go to the emerency room once because of the pain. He never showed up. I couldn't believe it because I thought he was a good doctor.
    The doctor I have now won't give anything but guaifenesin. But nothing works for my pain at all.
    I wish I could do something for you and all of us who suffer so much pain without relief.
    Please keep us posted.
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    Im sorry for the rough time you are having at the moment. I really sympathise with you. Im having a bad flare at the moment and had real problems on monday, getting it across to my doctor just how much pain im actually in!
    It was very frustrating repeating myslef over and over and i didnt end up with extra pain meds at the end of it..he simply said try to exercise or swim and think positive. Hard when you are you in a lot of pain!!
    I dont have any answers for you, im sorry. All i can say is that you are not alone and that there is support here for you whenever you need it. Good luck with everything and let us know how you get on..

  5. kmelodyg

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    Thanks guys. Your support really does mean so much! I am definatly finding a new doc. To make matters worse, my doc said that he was going to call in 2 weeks worth of Lortab and Ultram and he called in 1 week of Lortab and 2 of Ultram! Was it a mistake? Or is it a sign that he wants to get rid of me? He did try to have me take nothing! I also called the doc that I saw yesterday in the ER. She said that I should definatly get a 2nd opinion. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to call every doc in Syracuse if I have to. I will ask if they BELIEVE IN AND TREAT FMS. I am just so fed up. And I know that alot of you have gone through similar situations. It's just tough since my doc has been so great up until now. I had a little bit of negotiating to get my meds before. But this time was ridiculous. Thanks again!

    Lots of love,
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    I am alway's trying to find some reaon for why my Back hurt's so bad, that I just know something is wrong in there, something that was missed, something that they can fix.
    He always see's me, listens to me about my Pain Symptom's, and why I think I'm having them. Once in awhile he does an X-ray to keep tab's on my OA, and other Orthopedic problems.

    But he always say's, that my Main Pain Problem, is the FMS and CMP along with the OA that is makin me Hurt so bad.
    He know's that I have real Pain, and it sadden's him that there aren't any real answer's yet.

    I know it's hard to believe that something that no-one can Pinpoint, or say what cause's it, can cause so much Pain and Misery.

    You fight it tho, don't give in, just do what you can and rest when you need, and when it's a New Pain, call the Doctor, cause sometime's it's not just FMS.

    Ain't it the Pit's?????

  7. jean615

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    Kathyrn, start looking for another doctor NOW, there are some that understands the Fibromyalgia, he does not
  8. kmelodyg

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    Thanks for the offer to have your doc call my doc. The problem is is that my doc seems to be very set in his ways. You can tell that his ego gets majorly bruised when I start spouting out information that I have learned from my research. He has never once let me try a med that I wanted to try (like Klonopin which seems to help many people here), and he does not ever address any of my other symptoms besides the pain. I think I am just going to give up on him and move on. I have had about enough!!! Thanks anyways!!

  9. loopyloo

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    I think also you could do with a new doctor you are entitled to a second opinion and im sending you lots of support as i think you need support to cope some times i wish you all the luck in the world with your new doctor let us all know how you get on
    (((((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))))))))))))
    Loopyloo xx
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    I am trying to do some reseach on Herniated Disks. Do any of you have this? Have you had Endoscopic Surgery? Did it help? It sounds like it would help me alot. My idiot doc said that I wouldn; have to have surgery. And he dosen't want to treat me for the pain either. Man I wish I could sue him for malpractice!!! LOL

  11. wildchild224

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    I'm lucky in a sense because I have a really good GP who is very supportive while I search for a specialist.

    But I too am almost bed-ridden with pain and fatigue and searching desperatly for the right person (or people) to help. Hang in there. Their out there. We just have to find them.

    May I suggest doing some searches online.
    Sometimes just calling and talking to the people answering the phones and asking them questions can tell you weather or not you want to go there.

    Good luck....K