i need some support today please!

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    Okay, I feel that I need some support from those who understand what FM feels like today. I've had a very stressful week at work and at home. It's terrible when you leave work for the day thinking, oh good, I can go home and relax, then get home and it seems all hell has broken loose there, with everyone fighting. So, last nite things finally got better at home, but I woke up this morning and my neck hurts so bad, and then traveled up and now have a terrible headache, that I can tell is going to last for more than just today. I take several vicodin daily, anyway, but it's just not making this neck and head pain go away today! And when I think of the busy weekend ahead, I just feel hopeless! Oh, I do feel very fortunate that I am a "functioning FMer", don't get me wrong. I know there are many of you out there who aren't able to work or get out of bed much. But, right now I'm feeling very overwhelmed with stress and in a lot of pain, and I guess just need to vent to other FMer's who know what I'm talking about. Please offer any words of wisdom or understanding!
    Thanks so much for listening
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    Hi Lori
    I hurt my neck/shoulder yesterday so can only type a few words...I'm so sorry you have had such a rough week w/ not much rest in the near future...is there anything extra, like an anti-inflammartory or muscle relaxer that you can take on top of the vicodin?

    Be good to yourself and delegate what you can...
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    sorry to hear things have gone upside down for you.

    do you have any muscle relaxers? once our flare hits everything tightens up. try a nice hot bath or wrap heat aroung your neck.
    I hate it when pain meds don't work going thru that right now,feel like Im on fire also hits my neck and head.

    Some times you have to close the door and say me time. tell everyone to fight without you you are off for the wkend.


  4. loto

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    Thanks to all of you for your replies. I do have muscle relaxers that I think I will take tonite! Wish I could go for a massage, but that will have to wait until payday! Thanks again to all of you for the support I get on this board. I'm still so very fortunate to have found it.
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    when I would put in a 9-10 hour day and then come home to a house that had been hit by a tornado. I felt like running away. Weekends were the worst-you have to get everything up to date so you can start all over on Monday. I used to cry in the shower and just let the hot water flow until I felt better. Would do all the housework and then have a nap for one hour before I could go grocery shopping.

    You have all my best wishes and more. It only got better when I stopped one day and went on disability. It took quite a while because my body was paying me back for everything. Then after 18 months got the diagnosis of Fibro and chronic fatigue. Like I didn't know all that.

    Very best wishes for you.
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    Hi Lori,
    I don't post very often but I have been a member for a very long time. I come here every night to learn and to remind myself that I am not alone in this "garbage pail" illness.

    I am also one of those functioning "FMers" with beginning RA and Lupus or Connective Tissue Disorder, depending on which doctor you ask.

    I love my job, but at the end of the day, I , too, am totally spent. If I get too stressed...the migraine comes with the stiff shoulders, neck , etc.

    On a good night, I sleep about 5 hours (about 2.5 hours, up for an hour, then 2.5 hours again)...with meds.

    ANY over exposure to stress, noise, etc...only exasperates the stiffness and pain.
    I do understand and I truly am so sorry for your suffering.
    I try to get on all fours on the floor and then slowly slide my arms out in front of me, as if I am trying to reach for a lay down position and hold ..it seems to loose up some of the tension. I also use a hand massager and muscle work my upper shoulder and neck all the way into the lower base of the back of my head.
    Most of the basic yoga stretches will give some relief...depending on what you are able to do physically.

    Everyone is so different...a hot bath in epsom salt always helps too...more for your frame of mind.

    I really don't have the answer for you, but know that you are in my thoughts as are the others on this board. I think of everyone and pray for all for relief.

    It is hard to have to work every day, but I just got over pneumonia and staying home in bed for 2 weeks was no picnic either, although others will say I was home being lazy and enjoying myself....whatever.

    How do you explain to others what you don't understand yourself?

    My pain, at its worst, feels like someone is trying to rip the skin from my bones.
    On a good day, almost pain free sometimes...then everything is an irritation to me.

    I hate to even complain because, 2008 was the very worst year I have had with this junk in the last 10 years and still I know that I am fortunate to be able to do what I can do.

    I raise my flag and salute anyone who struggles with this type of illness.
    If our wounds were visible with the naked eye....we would look like lepers with open wounds. It would be a very ugly sight but at least those around us would better understand our pain.

    Godspeed in relief for you.

    Please know that you are not alone.

    Mitzi "lilchisler"

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    I am lucky enough to be a "functioning fm'er" also but I have learned that pacing myself helps me even though I am in the same boat tonight. I just took my muscle relaxer and have a rice bag on my lower back and hung around my neck. On Saturdays I don't do anything. After working all week that is my day to rest, I just watch mindless TV like Lifetime and sit with my puppy on my lap. He loves Saturdays! The muscle relaxer and heat help me a lot....and of course it helps when my family lets me sit and do nothing.....they get gold stars for that!

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    I totally relate to what you are going through. I also have FM and CFS. Thankfully, I'm able to work but it's so difficult coming home knowing you can't just go home and relax. I have a 4 1/2 month old baby and my husband has a hard time putting her to bed. So I come home from a long day at work as a nurse on my feet for 12-hours, and I can't just sit down and relax. I come home in pain with my muscles and joints aching and I feel so worn down, but the day is not over yet. I don't have any great advice for you, but just wanted you to know you're not alone. The hardest part about all of this is that I was seemingly in "remission" prior to having my daughter in September. I had virtually no symptoms besides the fatigue, but that was managable with a little extra rest and pacing myself. Well, since having her I'm in pain and sick again.