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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by healthywannabe, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. healthywannabe

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    Hello. Lately i have tried to be the supporter and not the supported. So, i apoligize ahead of time for complaining.

    Lately I feel so dicouraged. I sometimes feel angry because I can't get up nad upset with the people who say that I am faking it. I call myself weak and wonder if someone stronger could get up, and handle this. Then i feel strong because at times I feel SOOO awful and i could cry and sob but i hold it together. So it's really a rollercoaster of emotions.
    MY doctor wants me to go see a specialist finnaly because he wants to make "sure" that it's cfs. It's been three months of me flat in bed and it's like pulling teeth to get doctors to do anyhting these days. he says he wants to moniter me weakly so i go in, and of course theres the co-pay then he does nothing.he talks!!! I wanted to say" we can do this over the phone!!!' so i wonder if its a money thing :)
    My mom is litterally my only support. and i am soooo grateful for her! She is like super woman!!!!!! But friends dont understand why Im no longer the life of the party... and sometimes i even feel replaced. and it hurts my heart.

    Thats why i love coming here, because you all can relate. you all give me so much support and calm my anxiety's about "Is this normal? what about this.. so thank you all soooooo much!!! I am so sorry for complaining, sometimes i need to vent and some support. You are all SOOOO strong and I thank you for helping me through this!!! SOOOOOOOO sorry for complaining. thanks for listining(or reading) peace....ZOe

  2. dd

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    Don't feel bad and beat yourself up. We all have been on that roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes it is a daily battle to try and stay positive. I can empathize with you. I've been there. There are days that I feel that no one cares and I am all alone...but I do have a wonderful husband that understands...but I hate complainging all the time...so I just keep pushing on.

    Please don't feel like you are weak if you have to be in bed. I have spent many a day in bed because of the pain and fatigue. I too felt like I was a weak person but then I realized that I have to do what it takes to get me better. That doesn't mean we are weak. We are taking care of ourselves...trying to get stronger. I think that all of us that are struggling with this disease day after day cannot be weak. WE ARE STRONG!!! We come here and try to help each other and offer advice. This is a wonderful board full of wonderful and understanding people...and you are one of those understanding people.

    Keep your head held high and know that what makes us weak really only makes us stronger.


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    We all need to vent and get a little support now and then. I try to never complain to my family and I think that because of that they tend to "forget" that I am ill and they expect me to do things that are sooo hard for me and then I get angry because they are treating me the way they do. lol Sometimes it seems like a never ending cycle. I think that ALL of us here are used to being the doers in the family and we don't take NOT being able to do things the way we used to very well. Oh well, I am rambling on here. Just take care of yourself and it is normal to miss what you can no longer do.
  4. Shazzy

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    Hi Zoe,

    I know how you feel.

    I am mostly bed ridden for 6 months now. I really had enough of it so i am pushing myself to get out of the bed a bit more each day. Its so hard and yes my emotions are all over the place. One minute its yes i can do this, next i am crying out for help.

    One message i had that keeps me going is. Live each day as it comes. If you cant live that day live half of it at a time and if you cant live half of it, take it an hour at a time.

    bless you,

  5. RedB

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    your doc is sending you to a specialist. Do you know what type of doctor he is sending you to? If it's a Rheumatologist, and you don't get the proper help, keep trying. There are some Rheumys out there that don't require referrals. (Sometimes I think they should be sending us to Neurologists instead -- I've gotten a lot more help from mine for my FM, and I went to her for a different problem!)

    Plus, I think I'd have doubts about your regular MD who has allowed you to be so sick for so long! Maybe you need to look for a new one?

    Keep us uposted. And ignore the people who insist you are faking -- paybacks are hell, and their day will come. Everybody gets sick sometime in their life. And it's not until that time that they can understand.


    P.S. I dearly recommend Mayo Clinic -- You can go there without an appointment, wait a few days through their waiting process, and STILL get medical care quicker than having to go from doctor to doctor in your area.

  6. healthywannabe

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    HEllo. Thank you all so much for responding, you really gave me alot of encouragment!!!I was wondering where the mayo clinic is and I thank you all again so much for responding with such outstanding wisdom and encouragment!! Peace...ZOe
  7. Jane57

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    Hi Zoe! This disease is overwhelming at times. My feelings are that people with cancer that are in pain have so much support because they are usually dying and I really feal for them, but we with the fibro who are overwhelmed with all the symptoms that go with this disease are not understood. We feel like we are whining if we tell people what we are going through. They have no idea!!! Some times I tell people I feel like I want to crawl in a hole and call it quits!!! Then I feel bad because I said that!!! Hang in there!! They will surely come up with more answers and help in the near future!!!
  8. RedB

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    I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, but there are also clinics in Arizona and Florida. All are good. You can find information by searching for Mayo Clinic.

    While there, I talked to a man with severe cancer who had been told by his doctors back home to "just go home and wait". That he had only a short time left. He was at Mayo for a 3-year followup to surgery that had been done by them. Miracles were all over the place there.

    Unfortunately, they couldn't help my Fibromyalgia go away, but they finally gave me a diagnosis, along with some ideas to help myself. It was a start!