I need to address the causes of fibro

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  1. puffy1

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    I have heard so many differnt possible causes of fibormyalgia it makes my head spin. let me run some things by you.

    I have been in about 3 fenderbenders I have been to phisical therapy twice once for whip lash the other for neck and sholder pain which was probably realated to ahving whiplash.

    I was diagnosed with mono when I was around 30yrs old and he said it was reactivated apparenly I had it in high school and didn't remember and I beleve I had it inbetween that time to.

    as for the strss factor I grew up wiht an alcoholic mother (periodic alcoholic)

    and then I marrried a heroin addict and stayed married to him for 15 years.

    I remeber as a child having terrible growing pains in my leggs and I always hated to grabbed or picked up becuse it was painful but was always told not to be so touchy.

    my parents always seemd to be overly concernd with my weight and lack of energy I just ried the best I could to be and act normal but I was very quiet and shy.

    so which one of these if not all of them wuld you atribute to my fibro or is now this virus thing. I'm so confused.

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  2. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I go for the theory of extreme stress from different factors cause the adrenaline that results from the fight or flight reaction to go into overdrive. This affects are sleep and problems start to snowball.That's my opinion.Linda
  3. diva42597

    diva42597 New Member

    The cause my chiropractor gave makes the most sense to me. He told me that, unfortunately, fibro is something that you are born with, but doesn't present itself all at once. You may begin to experience a few symptoms as a child and you may not. It may present itself after a traumatic event or gradually. There is no rhyme or reason to when. But he does say that it's something that you are born with and no matter when and how it presents itself it is bound to sooner or later.

    I am similar to you in that I was diagnosed with chronic mono as a child and can remember from the time I was young having certain symptoms. The pain, however did not arrive till I was 20 and I was in a car accident. I too had neck and back injuries and suffered whiplash on two other occassions in addition to this accident. That's when the pain started. I was told it was all a result of the car accident, but after 8 years of it not getting better, I was finally diagnosed with fibro. Hope this helps
  4. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    It dose help a lot but how do I adress it to the docor now that I think I had this growing up enven my best friend remembers me being very tender to touch and having these problems.

    that is if I ever go back to a doctor.

  5. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    So could this possible be a childhood illness that was never diagnosed hum? or something my parents just never told me about.

    I was sick a lot as a child got the flu at the drop of a hat and it never a 24 hour thing for me it always lasted a week.

    I also remeber being told once that I had 3 day measels this was in high school.

    I remeber I had been eally sick like the flu went back to scholl and nearly passed out got a rash and was out for a nother week.

    thats when the doc said it was 3 day measels.

  6. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    I guess you could say its like an auto immune desease right?
    I think my mother had it too but becasue she waas an alcoholic for so many years nobody paid attention to her symptoms, includeing us kids we whold always tell her that if she would just stop dinking and smoking she would feel better.

    Well she did both but even after she had stopped for quite a while( she never drank again or smoked) she continued to have the same complaints, the same ones we all have now.

    And she also had a low thyroid. That deffinatley funs in our family.

  7. tata1580

    tata1580 New Member


    I to have been wondering a lot of things and one of the is the growing pains as they called them when I was a kid..I remember my leg (my calves)ankles and feet would hurt so bad...had brother and sister neither on had these pains..always wondered if my folks did not think I was making it up..

    Had all the child hood illnesses, measels mumps etc had most everything when I was in the first grade..

    After the birth of my 2nd child some time in her first year here I got so sick..dr. thought could be mono but I was not really in a place where it was likley..what ever tha means I guess..

    In 83 had a surgery and ended up with a staff infection with an underlying herpes..ended up with a big sore all over my face and after that had cold sores all of the time..

    then got what they called walking pnuemona and I never recoved from it had a bp of 57/33..after that is when dx with fibro...

    I have always wondered about the growing pains???

  8. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I have a different type of onset. I had a hysterectomy that triggered my FMS. Before that, I never had any signs or symptoms of FMS, no pain, nothing. I guess from one of the previous posts, I have secondary onset.

    I do believe that we have something in our genetic makeup that predisposes us to this. If not the hysterectomy, something else traumatic would have triggered this in me.

    I only have FMS, not CFS, so I have no viral type symptoms and no fatigue, other than the normal when one is not physically active any more.

    Take care, Sally
  9. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member


    I read your comments about your mother's struggles with alcoholism and smoking. I wonder if some people drink alcohol or even smoke because their bodies are not well and it makes them feel better. What I mean is maybe the person does not feel well, is exhausted and doesn't know how to cope with feeling this way so they ingest something that gives them a rush of energy (at first) and then they can keep pushing themselves until they crash.

    I've been thinking about this lately. I've got a friend who I'm convinced has beginnings of CFIDS and she told me that when she has a glass of wine, the sugar from the alcohol helps her to keep going.

    Also, you mention being sick a lot. That made me think of my life and yes, I was a sickly child. If it wasn't asthma, it was a cold or bronchitis. Even as an adult, I worked for a major airline that has a very strict attendance policy and my attendance was terrible. I remember being evaluated by a supervisor once and as she looked at my entire attendance record she said something like "when you get sick, you really get sick for a long time". With me, it was never one or two days like most people. I was always down for at least a week with colds and the like.

    Interesting topic.

  10. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    I never got the 24 hour flu more like the 72 hour flu and I had forgotten about a really bad infection I had gotten in about 84 it was terrible I was having sever abdomianl pain.

    my husband took me to er they told me I had 2 kinds of infections but I can not remeber the names exactly one was streptecocal I think but I don't remeber what the other one was and I never found out why I got them or how.

    I just took the antibiotics and that was that.

    But I remember around the same time I was doing Jane fondas workout was doing it every day for a long time got really thin and really tired just kept getting more and more tired lost all my stength and finlyy could not do anymore.

    and that the was it was from then on I could not keep up a exersize routien I would just get to to tored and then I would husrt forever.

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