I need to find a CFS specialist near Boston/ Supplements for CFS?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by smittay, Mar 30, 2004.

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    hi everyone,

    i got knocked out by a virus in March of 2003 and finally in March 2004 my PCP diagnosed me with CFS/Fibromyalgia. I need to find a specialist, Immunologist to help me with my chronic fatigue. i live in Beverly, MA 01915.

    If any of you know what type of doctor i should go to see, or if you know of any who are up on the latest treatment near or around Boston, it would make my whole year.

    i have to work 40+ hours per week, im only a 28 year old guy, it is the worst. I feel like when i go to work im just prolonging myself from getting better. is that necessarily true? id lose my job but i feel like i should take 3 months off to recover, its been a whole year with this and i dont know how much more i can take with my lifestyle now.

    also are there any supplements your doctors have recommended?? like vitamins, or any such thing to beat viral infections?? i need to know these things, im so new to it... please help.

    ANY, ANY, ANY advice is welcome. I'm so scared. I feel like my life is crumbling before me and no one understands except my wife and its taken its toll on her too. i was healthy, then caught a virus i couldnt get over and kept working, now i am so bad off. please help me.

    erik - (email address removed)

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    First I'm very sorry that a young man such as yourself has to deal with this illness. Having sons about your age I cringe to think what it would mean for them and only have more sympathy for you.

    You are wise to read everything you can about this sickness as it is very complex. Have you gone to the HOME page here and read the treatments listed by doctors at the bottom of the webpage? It would be an excellent start to get an idea of all the treatments.

    Dr. Cheney's protocol is one that I am applying except for the meds. I am trying to heal with natural supplements but I'm not against using meds.

    Have you read Dr. Teitelbaum's book, "From Fatigue to Fantastic"? It would be very helpful for you to read it.

    I have just started Transfer Factor with antigens for HHV-6, EBV & CMV as Dr. Brewer has had great success with it with his CFIDS patients. He is a top infectious disease doctor who feels most CFIDS patients have this infection.

    With our immune sytem down we can harbor on the average between 1-7 infections I have heard. These can be viral, bacterial, fungal, yeast, etc.

    Diet and rest are critical to keeping your symptoms at bay. Is there any way you can pace yourself at your work place so that you don't crash?

    Have you had your thyroid and adrenal checked? Often these go awry.

    I have been battling this illness since spring of 2001. I started ImmuneCare64 over a month ago and hope it will give me a big step toward getting well.

    I'm sorry I don't know of any doctors to help you. Have you checked with this website's doctor referral list?

    I highly recommend you take a magnesium supplement. It seems we are all low in it. Dr. Cheney advises magnesium glycinate which you can buy from the store here.

    Please ask questions as often as you want. The CFS/FM board is a lot more active. Have you posted over there? You may get more responses and more help over there. This board is primarily to share about transfer factor.

    My heart goes out to you. I know how frusterating it can be for you as well as your wife. Hope you find answers to give you hope and take a proactive stance in getting well.