I NEED to FIND a GREAT FIBRO/ CFIDS. Doc?????? Where do I start???

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    Hi Everyone! My name is Trista & I just joined tonight. I was diagnosed w/ Fibromyalgia/ CFIDS in 1997. I found an excellent doctor who has now moved SOMEWHERE???
    I live in Orlando, Florida & NEED HELP LOOKING FOR A FIBRO/ PAIN MANAGEMENT doctor!!!
    As is probably the same w/ most of you (I am SO GLAD I FOUND THIS BOARD), my pain is unbearable without any medication. I have 2 sons and WANT TO ENJOY MY LIFE!!! Does anyone know how to search for specialists who ARE NOT afraid of medicine???
    Thank you ALL. As of TONIGHT, I DO NOT FEEL SO ISOLATED!!! Sincerely, Trista.
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    and welcome to our group. There is quite a large posting of where people have posted their good doctors. I have tried to go to it several times but my computer always times out on it and it won't load.

    Personally I think there is just toooo many posts in that section. I wrote to the "tech" dept to see if it could be divided like Part 1 and Part 2--but they never responded to my request.

    Your computer may load the info just fine----good luck to you.
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    Welcome to ProHealth.

    The way I found my doctors was by emailing support groups near me. Or you can call them. Ask them for doctors who believe that CFS is a physical disease. And ask the receptionist over the phone if the doctor believes that CFS is a physical disease because some of the references I got turned out to be duds and were a waste of my time and energy.

    I don't know if these groups are near you or not but you can call their CFS line and ask for doctor references or if they know of support groups closer to you:






    For Fibromyalgia you can try contacting any Arthritis Centers or Support Groups near you. Many Rheumatologists now diagonose Fibro. You want to ask the receptionist if the doctor uses the Tender Point Exam to diagnose FMS. Even though you're already diagnosed, this will tell you if the doctor is knowledgeable about FMS or not.



    There are more links than these. If you need to find more, Google for them or ask here if you need more help.

    Good luck,

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