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  1. budmickl

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    I am watching a morning show on NBC and they are interviewing Bindi Irwin, daughter of Steve Irwin. She is just about the cutest and smartest child on TV right now. I know a lot of her fame comes because of her dad, but she is just so smart, open, personable.

    Seeing her and comparing her to some of the TV personalities (of any age) in the US that get all the publicity, it's amazing the maturity and common sense and sense of purpose she has.

    Her new animal shows will be a success I'm sure. For one, everyone is interested in nature, for two, she is carrying on her dad's passion. But I think most of all, they will a success because of her charisma.

    Thanks for letting me say something positive and go on about this. I usually come and complain. Not today. She made me smile and realize that there is so much more good in the world that we should all look for.


  2. Mini4Me

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    I agree wholeheartedly! Bindi Irwin has a very charming charisma all her own. You can't fake something like that. I'm sure she will be a success in whatever she does.
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    Couldn't agree with you more!

    Bindi and Steve were so blessed to have each other, even if it wasn't nearly long enough. What a treasure she is to carry on his work, and at such a young age. She is mature beyond her years.


    Stop but don't smell the crocadiles!!
  4. budmickl

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    I was afraid people would think I was a goof ball for posting this. I think her advantage is her fame and passion isn't money or noterieity (SP?) driven. It's a genuine love for animals.

    Thanks all for not laughing at me!

  5. sisland

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    Nothing to Laugh about! Your right on! Her dad and Mom taught her to love Animals and to be Confident and Smart,,,,She's just a picture of her Dad! And it's almost like he is there with her now as she carries on his legacy!

    I Think i Read where Terri is origanly from Oregon,,,,and Her and Steve Met there somwhere in College ,,or someplace,,,,It's Really kool how this is working out for them!,,,,,,,,,,,,S

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