I need to share this burden and ask for prayer.

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    This is sort of complicated but I'll try to make a long story short. My son, who is 38 years old is divorced with 3 children ages 17, 15 and 10. He shares custody and pays child support for all three. This is the story.. He was dating this woman last year that became pregnant..with his child? She says it is his but he wanted her to get an abortion - she wouldn't do it. Here is the problem; He doesn't want her to communicate with me, but I saw her on line tonight and im'ed her to say hi. and she told me then that he didn't want her talking to me but she thought that shoud be up to me and I agree.

    I've asked the Lord to please help me to explain so I hope you understand so far. If this is his child (she's says she can offer proof that it is) he won't have anything to do with it. See, she already has seven children with 3 different fathers and he feels like she is just saying that it's his.

    What am I supposed to do? If this is his child then it is my grandchld and I want to be a part of his life. She says the baby is due any day now and I want to see him/her. If my son doesn't plan on claiming responsibility that doesn't mean that I should turn my back on this baby but I know that this is going to cause problems between me and my son, but I feel that he will just have to deal with it. IT IS SO COMPLICATED!

    I had to share this with all of you and ask for your prayers. I haven't posted much so most of you may not know me but I feel this is my family and I needed to lean on you tonight. Thanks in advance for all of your prayers and please feel free to just talk to me. I need your input as well. Thank you so much for listening. Jeanette
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    Dear Jeanette,

    I will be praying for you and your family.
    May the lord lay his healing hand on all of yall
    and bless you yall aoso.

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    bumping for more to share
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    for taking the time to reply. What a situation huh? I need your prayers so much, I have FM/CFS and I can already feel a flare coming on. I am itching all over and I feel this is caused by the stress. Please keep us in your prayers. This is prayer night, so I hope many more will see our story and lift us up in their prayers. Again, thanks Debbie.
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    Will pray that the Lord handle this whole situation. This is a tough one for sure, and you will need the Lord to do the right thing according to His divine wisdom.

    Linda, prayer also going up for you that you get to see your granddaughter. Another heartbreaker for sure.

    God bless both of you, and guide you in all your ways.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I will be praying for you also. Not just for you but for your son and all that are involved. It is a sad situation that you are facing and I know you feel torn.
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    I am sorry to hear about your heartache over not being able to see your granddaughter. I will pray that you will be able to receive this gift of getting to see her soon!
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    thank you for letting me lean on you , I can't talk about this to anyone except my friends on thes board...and I know that you are sincere in what you ar saying. Thannk you so much. Linda, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I will be praying for you and your family. This is more heartache heeped on what we are already going through with these deseases, I feel sure that our Lord will bless all of us in some way tonight in ways that he only knows what is best for us. After all we will all be lifting each other up in prayer at the same time. This is all over the world: how powerful is that????
    Love ya'll, Jeanette
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    who lifted us up in prayer last night. I feel more peace about everything this morning. She is going to the doctor today (she's going every week now. the baby is due Sept.29
    Please, just keep us lifted up in prayer. I will seek the Lords will in all of this.

    Again, thank you so much my fibro sisters.
    Love and peace, Jeanette