I need to vent about stupid dog owners

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. ckball

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    There is a little dead end road I have been walking and riding down for several years. About a month or so ago the people that lived there left the house and 4 dogs.

    Since everything was still in the house I wasn't sure until I asked around and they tried to remodel the bathroom and couldn't finish it so left to live with the woman's mother.

    One dog had a badly broken front paw and was walking on the top of it's foot because it was folded over. So I called animal control and they came got them.

    There were no dogs for a week or so then the german shepherd came back. ANother day I saw the kid that use to live there at a nieghbors house and asked if it was his dog and he said yes, I asked what happened to the other dogs and he said his mom took them to the pound, yeah right.

    They are feeding them in a auto fedder but the shepherd is all bones, I found out the other day from the same neighbor that the shepherd had 11 puppies 2 weeks ago. I did notice it looked like she was nursing but couldn't find the pups.

    So today I go over to give them water as the people never leave water for them. I noticed momma was full of milk so I figured she was nursing them for some reason. So I nosed around and found the puppies in shed. See my profile pic.

    The entire floor of the shed is covered in insulation and garbage. I knocked on the floor and I heard them respond so I started digging under the insulation and found 9 of them. One was wrapped up inside some plastic and was soaking wet.

    So I took them out and put them in a cool spot under the back porch and momma feed them. My guess is they were so spread out and trapped in the shed she could get to them to feed them.

    I want shoot people like this. The other day as I was headed down the road I saw a car in front of the house and waited for them to leave. It was a newer MOnte Carlo. The house is trashed, they acutally threw their garbage on top of the carport. It is completely covered.

    They know who I am, everyone around here does so if I call animal control they will know it was me. But I don't live near them so really don't care.

    How can people just leave dogs like that? Sure they leave them food but that is it. Oh it broke my heart when I found the puppies in those conditions.

    Would you call animal control and have them come get them? These animals can not speak for themselves and today for the first time the puppy chased me up the road and would have followed me all the way home had I not stopped and took her back home.

    Thanks for letting me vent, these people need to be locked in that nasty shed with no food and water, oh it just burns my arse that people do this all the time and get away with it.

    Our county is small and doesn't have the man power to enforce the laws or just don't care. It really is like a "good ole boys" group and don't get paid enought to care to take the time for these things.

    It took them nearly 3 weeks to put a man in jail after he broke into my neighbors house and stole and pawned a Fedder guitar. They had him on video, he lived 2 houses down from me and it the house between us he broke into. He is on drugs.

    He was in jail for a few weeks, his dad rented his trailer out to David. His dad is a good man and has always felt sorry for him and tried to help him but finally realized it didn't help and has left him out to fend for his self.

    It is just sad and I can't turn and walk away and do nothing. So thanks for reading and any advice you have-Carla
  2. stick2013

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    Make the call and these people will probably be fined for what they have done, and deserve to be!!!!!!!!!

    Then I would call the board of health on them....
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    hope you've already done it in fact...

    My daughter just took in 2 puppies, they'd been left by a trailer that looked like the people had run out from a lease... ie, porchlight was constantly remaining on, the pups were looking bewildered and hungry...

    they were going to take them to the pound as they were so cute she and her BF figured they'd be rescued - yeah, riiiight! - they fell in love with them and kept them. Now they have 4 dogs, all rescues, one was found by the garbage dumpster in fact.

    All 4 of my dogs are also rescues; one a friend brought us because he found her by the side of the road shaking/scared to death, not even 6 weeks old yet plus her brother had already been squished by a car. People are always leaving them out in the country or along highways... makes me so angry! I lived by a college town, it was sad to see how many college students would leave their animals behind!

  4. lgp

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    what a terrible case of animal abuse. I would not hesitate to call the authorities; I,too, would do it in a heartbeat. How do these poor excuses for human beings sleep at night? I just don't get it.

    Anything you can do to help is wonderful for these poor animals. I only wish I was there to help you.

  5. ckball

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    I will call them Mon, they are not open on the weekends.

    I went back tonight and took more cold water in a milk jug, they are so happy to see me comning down the road.

    I must have miscounted this morning but there are 10 puppies. I did go back into the shed and looked around some more but didn't see any more.

    They are just starting to open there eyes, I do hope they are damaged from breathing in all that insulation.

    I dont' know how people can do this. The other puppy chased me back out the road again and I waited at the top of the hill and I guess she turned around when she lost site of me.

    I wish I could keep her but I can't, my two are plenty for me and the fiancial end too. I frontline and heart worm all year, so it is pricey over a years time.

    I appreciate your comments and I will do this Mon. Thanks again-Carla
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    And it sounds like on Monday everything (I hope) will be better:) I can't have a dog where we leave but they are best. We had a dog in this little town we once lived in and he was the sweetest little chiwawa(SP) I loved him so much but he got sick with really bad stomach stones and went to doggie heaven. I just don't understand people. Why have something if you can't take care of it?
    My Mother bought herself when I was growing up an Norwegian Elkhound, that was the best dog.She was one of my favorite childhood memories. Smart and caring she was. Yes, please save these dogs so someone else can good childhood memories!
  7. springwater

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    Thanks for posting...

    Its unfathomable HOW humans can be that way...but heck some humans treat humans that way, abandoning new born babies...so i guess they wouldnt have a conscience re animals.

    I am so glad you found them....

    I pray they all get wonderful homes.

    God Bless
  8. kellyann

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    I'd call. Maybe some will find homes, at least the others will humanely be put down, not left to starve. That is a lot of pups. Peolpe like that are horrid, think how they probably treat their children as well. Just trailor trash.

  9. monica33flowers

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    to hear about the puppies. I pray they didn't burn those precious babes. Poor things. Did you call the Humane Society? Maybe, they picked up the puppies but then again I think they would have taken momma as well.
  10. sisland

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    Bless you for helping these pups!,,,,It's so sad that they have been left!,,,,Hope the humane society and the athorities have stepped in to help by now!,,,,,,Sis
  11. ckball

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    It seems that someone was home Sat night when I went over, there was no car but heard someone talking and then saw a light so I left quickly.

    The mail lady said they moved back in, so there is nothing I can do now. We have a small shelter and not a lot of man power.

    But when I went back the next day the neighbor told me an ambulance had just left before I got there. So I checked and no one was home. But all the puppies were gone. Momma was still there and the other pup too,

    You could tell mom had not been nursing as she was full of milk, my fear is they had a big pile of trash and an old sofa that had been there for over a month, the next day it had all been burned. I looked everywhere, even in the house as the back door was unlocked.

    I know I shouldn't have but I wanted to find those pups, they were only 2 weeks old and did not move by themselves. The person that lives there is a drug addict and could have got rid of the pups in a drugged out whatever thinking I would stay away if the pups were gone. I don't know, but I feel so bad that I didn't just take them over the weekend. But the shelter is closed on the weekend and when Mon came they were gone.

    Thank all of you for your support, however this is a small towm and the news wouldn't be interested as this is a common thing around here, sad but true.

    Thanks again and if those pups show up I will let you know-Carla