I NEED TO VENT,could it be if they would just lesson?

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    I am one of those people who were dx with CFS/FM 6 years ago.But I think I have had this since I was 14 or even younger.

    I think it comes in different stages at different times in our life.In other words at 14 (or earlier)I was just starting my periods and all those new hormones were coming into play .

    So I think my body handled "THE CAUSE" differently for a period of time.I also had a different diet at that time in my life .

    I was thin and I thought fairly healthy.I'd sleep probably 10 hours a day when I could and the fatigue was terrible.
    I had pain with my periods probably 10 days out of the month.

    I could not function at all and barely made it through school because I missed so many days a year.
    Through out my life at different times I had to deal with Illness.

    For the most part My main complaint has always been Fatigue.
    Jump forward(30years) and I am dx with CFS/FM, menopause all at the same time.I do not have periods because I had my uterus removed (26 years ago)because of pain and doctors told me that was all I could do to stop it.

    My complaints are still overwhelming FATIGUE but now I have low grade fevers,and pain through out my whole body 24-7.

    So I think at an older age I am still dealing with the same "CAUSE" but it affected me different because my body is different now.

    What do I believe is the"cause" of these DD's?I believe it is a virus that has somehow entered into our brains.

    It lays dormant in many people for years but it can be turned on by vaccines ,and other virus and things we put into our bodies.

    I think some people are carriers of those virus.
    (Just like now they say there is a cancer that is caused by a virus.)

    I think that we will find a cure ,probably by accident .
    I think if they ever find a test to tell someone they have these DD's ,there will be some of us still come out with nothing showing wrong with us.

    I think a cure will be as different for each of us as we are different people.

    I believe in MIND,BODY,SPIRIT and I believe a virus of some kind enters our bodies maybe even before we are born
    I believe that stress, environment ,food and anything we put into this body either attacks that virus or feeds it.the end result is what we call CFS/FM.

    SORRY I NEEDED TO VENT I HOPE THIS MAKES SENCE.But then does anything with these DD's make sense?I just in my heart feel the answers will be simple, but no one is looking in the right places.

    Kinda like it may be looking them right in their face but they are to blind to see it.

    I wish I was smart and could help us all.I wish someone would lesson to what we are all saying because I think we all, are holding the clues we just need help putting together the puzzle for a cure.

    I want to be healthy .I want my Life back and I want you, my new found friends to have freedom from these DD's to.

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    A lot of us can't read something this long without breaks.Just split it up by hitting return twice,I'm sorry that you had this so early in life(I read alittle).Linda
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    Please edit your post and add paragraph breaks.

    I am unable to read so many words run together without breaks.

    Sorry, I'd love to respond to your post, but I can't read it.

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    It seem in this stage of discovery of our diseases, it is still a "low-status" disease to research. I think it's genetic and is triggered by bugs/viruses that our faulty genes have no protection against. I may be wrong.

    The progress in discovering the facts about RA and MS for example was the same, and people who had it were considered neurotic or the like. All we can do, it seems, is wait for this stage to pass.

    Many other countries accept those illnessess much better and are researching more, in due time something will come about, and all other countires will follow.

    I spend lots of time researching, and I find it fun and interesting, but I always was fashinated by medecine anyways. I have the fatigue too, it is relentless sometimes and I'm a single mother with a 2 and a 7 year old.

    The fathers of them never contact the children, and my family is back in Sweden. If I give in to my situation, I will not make it. I have to keep going, no matter what. reseaching and learning as much as I can helps me feel strong despite my weak body.

    We are fortunate to have this board to vent and ask questions and get support, although we might nog get all the answers we need/want.

    Many hugs


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    One more thing, I see you've been a member since 2004. Yourt bio is not filled out at all. A little something would be nice, and also helpful when you ask about health stuff so we know what you're dealing with. Just a thought.

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