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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by p_fear, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. p_fear

    p_fear New Member

    god I hurt so bad today, I've been fighting with my husband the ass knows I don't sleep well he goes to bed 7 pm so decices to get up at 6 am and play with the dog and wake me up, This he did on purpose because I accidenly woke him the other night when I was putting clothes away. He has been a real jerk lately . I'm ready forhim to go back on the road
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just have been in excruciating pain all night...since the end of february...so i totally understand your pains and sleep problems...

    i swear these men that don't have it ...don't get it....tell him to put soem ear plugs in darnit all...7 pm is a little early to go to bed especailly if he woke up at 6 am...too much sleep don't you think...for a normal person...lol...

    is he a truck driver or into sales...sounds like he travels for work....

    or are you ready for him to hit the road jack don't you come back no more no more, hit the jack..just kidding just reminded me of a song...

    i just can not sleep this so stinks...i feel like have have scalding water pouring on me...

    i read the side effects and looked at the calendar of when the doctor told me to increase my vavactil, it is all coinciding with the increase///all of my new side effects...

    i was so hopeful now i am down in the dumps...i want to so not be on anymore ad's again in my life...but i just don't know if i can do w/o them...

    ihope you get some sleep today...i have to be up and drive my son to school in a few hours and no sleep...

    i just hope i do not crash or anything...then saturday morning i found out my son was invited to the san francisco track invitationals..i should be really excited for him but that means i will have to be up even earlier than today he needs to be in san fran like at 8 am...this is he fathers weekend for him but i already see the writing on the walls...

  3. p_fear

    p_fear New Member

    hes a union iron worker theres just not much work around here things were great when he was up north and only came home on the weekend, you know if i didn't feel like cooking dinner i didn't have to , no one to through their legs over your painful body at night , no one to sit and argue with the kids so on there days i thank i hate him because he don't even try to understand
    Well i have 3 kids to babysit today know rest for me 2 of them are 2 year olds
    See you ladies tonight
  4. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    for him to get mad at you when you were probally doing something that he would complain about if you didn't do it.

    I had not been sleeping at all for over a week, I would get at the most 2-3hrs at night, and maybe 30 minutes in the day.

    But my dad had surgery and we made a 9hr trip to get where he lives then we stayed a day and a half then came home.

    Well every since then I have been sleeping and can't hardly stay awake.

    But I am also in a tremendous amount of pain, but I just take my pain meds and then I end up asleep.

    I guess I am just wore out.

  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    So funny.

    I am sorry your DH is being such an a.h. Mine is a nice guy thank God.

    And these guys run the country, run the world, run the medical profession mainly, no wonder everything is in such a bad state.

    Love Anne C

    ps remember that joke: I found this great guy, perfect husband material, kind, considerate, cooks, does housework, loves the cats, likes to decorate, makes me laugh all the time.
    " Well are you going to marry him."
    I can't he's gay.
  6. p_fear

    p_fear New Member

    The joke was great, I can understand he does not know whats going on with me what hurts is he don't want to try, He keeps telling me go to the dr, I feel like i am beating my head against a wall when i go to the dr. She hasn't tried anything new just increases the doses on meds. I love you all, be glad you have those wonderful husbands

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