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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. carebelle

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    I went to my sonogram appointment today at the military base .I got there an hour early checked in they took my card and told me to have a seat.They let me sit there for an hour and then a girl came out and said my appointment was yesterday and they could not do it today.

    I write every appointment down in my book .I know it was not yesterday because I had another apt.at a different hospital I did cancle.It also was written very clearly for today.Anyhow I came home and checked again and told my husband.(he works at that Hospital)They said it was in the computer for yesterday. So why did they check me in and let me wait an hour????????
    They did give my husband an apt for me on fri.so I don't have to wait another month .I just am more angry that they let me sit there.I also feel its my fault because again I was trying to be patient and wait my turn .I never dreamed that I was on the wrong day ,cause they checked me end.

    It's so hard to sit anywhere and I drove there which I hate to do anywhere .I know you all understand how painful it is to sit in an office .And how frustrating to try to figure out if you really made the mistake or if they did.
    I just had a feeling that they worked in a friend and figured I wouldn't be able to prove it.

    I also felt it was a payback somehow cause I missed an appointment there, last month cause I had just got out of the hospital.I called on fri.after she left to cancel an appointment for the next Monday.

    I also remember when my daughter was in high school she had a cyst on her ovary and we had to go back two times the girl that did the test ,very rudely, told us to never come back there again.I reported her to the doctor because I did not think it was her call ,she wasn't the doctor.
    I can't help but remember that either .
    I know I'm just paranoid that happy to many years ago ,she probably did not remember that.

  2. leubie

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    Hey--------i would be p.o. too-----------mainly for them just letting you sit there--------thats just not right------------i love my doctor----------but the front desk people will not let you in if you are 15 min. late------------------even if you call and they know you are driving 30 mins away-----------------but i have sat in his waiting room 2hours to see him(yes i was on time) w/ no apolgy at all from them-------------i always try to get the early apptmts--------but normally have to wait close to a hour-------------so yes a do understand -------vent on!!!!!!!LOVE TO ALL--------LAURA
  3. louiesgirl2

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    It was in the computer doesn't mean they didn't make the mistake.
  4. Redwillow

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    People who don't have Chronic Pain have no clue just how difficult it is for us to even get to one of these appointments.

    Then for you sit and wait for and hour, only to be told that you were there on the wrong day. Vent away, you have reason to!

    I had to wait a year to get an appointment to see my first Rheumatologist. (that is how long we wait where I live in Canada to see specialists). At least she did check me over and diagnosis me with FM but then told me that she wasn't accepting anymore FM patients!!!! and I would have to find another doctor.

    This same doctor was angry because I was 5 minutes late to her appointment. She calmed down after I told her that my 80 year old father had to drive me to the appointment because I was too sick to drive myself and we couldn't find a parking space in the parking lot. I had to leave him driving around the parking lot waiting for a space to open up. I found out afterwards that this doctor is known to refuse to see patients if they are late for their appointments!

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)

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