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  1. street129

    street129 New Member

    can someone direct me to a acid/alkaline website
    does anyone know if buckwheat is a acid or alkaline food

    or amaranth is a acid food or alkaline food. thank you very much. i do need this answered.
  2. street129

    street129 New Member

    i appreciate this, i have the ph miracle book. im very acidy
  3. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Hi Street,

    Here's a website with good charts. Just scroll down and you will see them.


    I just noticed that on this chart Olive Oil is listed as acidifying but on other charts I've seen it listed as alkalizing. Well, either way the ANA lipid acids in Olive Oil help with pain so it's a good oil to consume daily plus I think it makes your hair shiny. :)

    What I really don't understand is how milk can be alkalizing but butter and cheese (except Cottage Cheese) are acidifying. Anybody know?

    Good luck and hope changing your diet helps you.


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