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    Dear Kind Members,

    Could all y'all please help greeting our new members when they come here? I just welcomed a new person on one forum. Twenty-three people had read the post but no one responded. I know many of us are too sick to respond to every post and only have enough energy to skim the posts; however, just a few kind words mean so much when people are new here.

    We do have a couple of people who try to welcome new members and I appreciate it so much. I know the new members appreciate it too. So, if you are able, please just say a few words of welcome, even if you cannot answer any of the new member's questions when you read a new member's post.

    I've always felt so privileged to know so many good people here that I've depended on to help my own healing. If you can help, even a little, it will mean so much. Thank you all!

    Love, Mikie
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