I need your list, Vitimins minerals do the REALLY help???????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saphire27, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. saphire27

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    Okay this is what i picked out when i last went to the pharmacy...... They didn't have much choices.

    I'll go a different one today.
    B12 shots one every other month
    Niacin... don't think it's helping energy
    B6........" "
    Green tea extract ..." "

    E ......... Can't tell a thing
    L-Lysene..... " "

    All i want to do is close my eyes, i can sleep ALL day if they would let me... but heres the strange part..
    At bedtime ( even when i don't take naps) it's hard to fall asleep, i wake serveral time a night, dead tired by morning, it's a cycle.
    I had to go pick up my little girl from school, she got sick there, taking her to the nurse, she has dark circles under her eyes, i'm thinking she's definciant too.Becuase it's not due to allergies, she had this for years now, and doctors brush her off too.She's only 6!!
    Please reply ASAP, i'm leaving soon..


  2. Fudge43

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    It is hard to tell what will work for us .. each individual's chemistry is so different .. I'm not going to be much help but I'll say what helps me.
    CoQ10 ... start out with a low dose and work up .. I'm on 100 mg now .. with 1000 mg of vit C time release .. calcium/magnesium/zinc combo .. plus extra magnesium lots of info on that if you can research ..
    A good multi-vitamin ..
    A green drink supplement .. I take some Canadian products .. GreensPlus and A.G.E. Inhibitors .. I don't know what the American counterpart would be .. but ask at a health food store ..
    Flax seed oil ...
    There are a lot of natural supplements as people have written here .. seeds .. pumpkin, sunflower .. nuts .. almonds .. lots of fruit and veggies ..
    I understand that tired but wired feeling a lot of us have it here ..
    When you have time research can help you in the right direction .. a lot of times it is trial and error .. no easy answers I'm sorry ..
    Good Luck!
    Fudge : )
    PS .. L-Tryptophan helps with sleep but it can be expensive .. it is a medical script here in Canada .. but you might try 5-HTP at a health food store .. it is a broken down version of L-T ..
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  3. ellikers

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    What really helped me, and what I think would be a good starting place for you is to get:
    (1) quality multi-vitamin and then
    (2) supplement with calcium and magnesium combo

    I take multi-vitamins that my naturopathic doctor recommended to me, and they and my Calcium/Magnesium are dosed so that you take several of them over the day, that makes it easier on your digestion and helps for the absoption of the minerals and the vitamins.

    I take between 600 and 1,200 mgs of both calcium and magnesium each day (the recommended dosage depends on your age and gender) , and it's a blend that has enzymes and other good stuff in it so it's easier to digest).

    I also take other supplements that are specifically for my set of problems (I take several things to help my digestive system, etc.

    SLEEP ISSUES: I have had problems with getting enough and the right level of sleep too. In addition to the pills I mentioned I'm also taking two anti-depressants that help out with sleep a great deal.

    I have found that being very consistent in taking these pills, drinking lots of water, improving my diet and getting a small amount of movement/exercise has helped me a whole lot. I hope it can help you too!!

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