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    I was just reading someone's post about elevated liver enzymes. Well, I just thought of something. Back in 1985, when I was 35 years old, I started to feel sick. I lost a lot of weight, had a chronic cough, low-grade fever and my liver function tests were elevated. My husband was in the Navy so I saw Navy physicians. At that time, Epstein-Barr virus was making news. I tested for it and it came back negative. I also didn't have mono. To make a long story short, they never figured out what it was. Eventually I got better. Now it's 1994 and my hips are bothering me. Went to a Physiatrist (who is a physician). He was wonderful and gave me exercises to do. He told me about FMS but said I didn't have the tender points (which I didn't). 1998 - I was diagnosed with FMS. Do you think that original problem I had could have something to do with my getting FMS? I never had that problem since then. What do you think? I'd like any and all answers you may have.


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    No one knows the cause. Anything is possible. Keep reading the posts. I've had this DD for sometime and enzymes were ok until recently. I was taking lots of tylenol. Hope you feel better.
    Love, Selma