I need your prayers again......

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  1. I am new on this worship site. I wrote awhile back re: Mom. Mom has Alzheimer's Disease Stage5/6 or 6/7? I don't know. I am figuring she has progressed from 5/6 to 6/7 because she is not wanting to eat for almost a month and a half now. I am very stressed because I have no support at all. My 2 brothers are not there to help. Her sister who is 20 years younger(Mom is 78) has not offered to help. I had to place Mom in a nursing home this year in March. I work and so did my brother(oldest) Now he in unemployed and doesnt' have transportation to visit Mom and lessen the load of me having to visit after work to make sure she at least eats her dinner. There are days when I am so tired from work that I cannot go over to visit. When I don't visit Mom will not eat her dinner. Today, Sunday, was one of those days. I went yesterday and fed her myself as she has lost the initiative to eat on her own. I am stressed to the max. I needed to rest today before I go back to work tomm. Can someone who has been in this similar situation with a loved one with AD please answer and pray for my Mom? I am at my wits end. I feel as if though I will have a nervouse breakdown anytime soon.Please, pray for me so that I don't lose it myself. I feel so runned down from the stress of Mom not eating and brother being unemployed stressing me out with money issues. Well I am sorry for whining and venting. I needed to get it all out. Helena
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    Hi Helena,

    First of all I'd like to say that I know you are wore out, but you will never regret what you are doing for your Mother. God Bless You! I am sorry you are not getting any help ~ that is too bad. My Mother did not have Alzheimer's, but we did have to place her in a home, so I do know the stress, guilt, and exhaustion that you are dealing with. Watching someone that you love so much fail in health is absolutely horrible. I am praying for your Mother and for you through this very difficult time.

    Take Care,
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    Hi honey, Please before you read anymore ....just take a deep breath, okay now another one. Try to relax your entire body, deep breath again if you need to.

    I believe that our Dear Lord sends angels to our sick and elderly in minister to them. Some of these angels are real people with a gift to care for the ill, and he also sends angels to help with the journey of them passing on. I have seen and felt this so many times. Remember when you are not there that these angels are. Ask God to send angels to go when you can't be there. He knows her needs.

    I know that you are a wonderful daughter or you wouldn't be stressing yourself this way. Feel God's peace.

    I feel that your mother has given up, and who can blame her. Sometimes in the medical field we focus on preserving life, when I feel that we should be helping the patient to pass on. Passing on can be scary for some. Have you called her/your pastor to ask for prayer? Sometimes the facility has a undenominational Chaplin that can come to pray for her. Maybe someone in your church or faith could visit when you can't? Hospice is a good resource that can also help you. Please call them. They can come into a longterm facility if your MD feels that she will pass on in the next 6 months. They can even be there 24 hours a day in the last days.

    May God give comfort and peace to you and your mother. Love, Tam
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    I am sorry for all you and your mom are going through. May God be with you both

    You will be in my prayers, I am glad you have found the worship board, I pray you will have peace


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    I can feel your panic and fear in a situation where you must simply do the best you can. I pray for your strength to hold out , and for all issues associated with your mom to be helped by God the Father. You certainly are not whining or venting. Life is hard. You have my prayers. Please feel free to post as often as you need to.