I need your prayers ...

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Nonie, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. Nonie

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    Dearest Friends ,

    I need your prayers . I received some very bad news today , concerning my CT scan . I am not ready to post about it yet , as I am still "in shock" , and waiting to hear my options . Also , my son is in need of prayers right now . It seems like our family has been hit by many "bomb shells" all at once . We are trying to keep strong and deal with things , but it is becoming difficult , even for Emery right now. This all coming so fast after the very lovely day we had on Sunday , is quite upsetting , however , we are "coping" as best we can right now . I will explain things as soon as I can , but right now , all I can do is ask that you please remember us in your prayers . It is greatly appreciated . Many loving (((HUGS))) as always . God bless you .

    With much love & RESPECT . Nonie
  2. LBinCA

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    Dearest Nonie,

    Please know that my prayers go up for you as you make decisions and for your family as well to have strength and courage as you all face difficult times. The Lord is kind, compassionate and loves you so very much. His blessings are abundant, He is with you!

    Prayers and Love in His name,

  3. Harmony

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    I'm sorry you received bad news on your CAT Scan.
    I have prayed for you and will keep praying for you, your son, and your family. Whenever you are ready to tell us more, we are hear to listen. We care for you so much.

    Love and Hugs,
  4. Cactuslil

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    Dear dear Nonie: I saw you post and I usually read what others have said so I don't waste anyone's time but this time I did not.

    You are truly a wonder and my heart goes out to you and all your family. Indeed you are in our prayers. I wish there was something I could do or say but I know you have those words in your heart already. Love CactusLil'
  5. Gail8899

    Gail8899 New Member

    I'll pray for you, Nonie. I asked for a miracle on here not long ago and instead of getting one I've gotten several. Keep your chin up.

  6. knackered

    knackered New Member

    Dearest Nonie, I am so sorry you have had bad news, dear one, even tho i am quite new to this board i feel like i've gotten to know and love you all. You are an inspiration to so many, please let us take as much of the burden from you as we can. You will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight and always, this knid of news does not fall into a vacum so I'm sure God will be cradling you and yours in His loving arms. I am so greatful to you all for what you have done for me in such a short period of time that i hope i can repay your love by returning it with interest. God bless you and yours, much love Andrea xxx
  7. Dazee

    Dazee New Member

    I am very sad to hear that your test results were not good, it is so frightening when they are not. We are left with our fear and imagine such terrible things..but the Lord stands by you at all times. Lean on Him now and allow the Spirit to fill you with peace. Lean on your many friends here and allow them all to comfort you whenever you need...God Bless You...
  8. deecrossett

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    Our Dear Friend Nonie, I have just said a prayer for you and will add your name to the Prayer List at Church. Just keep talking to God, he hears you. Remember, he doesn't give us anything he doesn't think we can't handle. May the Glory of God's love know no boundaries in you, Deena
  9. BonnieQ

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    Of course I am praying for you and your family. May God give you the strength you need to get through these problems.
    I am sorry this post is late, I sometimes forget to go to the other boards. Fog?
    Hugs and Love,
  10. CrazyLadyR

    CrazyLadyR New Member

    I always keep track of how things are going for you, but I rarely post. Not for any reason in particular, I guess I keep my guard up (after almost a year of coming here). Anyway, I am certainly praying for you and your family. I always pray a "general" prayer for all of the people I know and even the ones I dont. Sending you warmest wishes, and many many blessings to you! ~R
  11. Suz

    Suz New Member

    I came upon this last week and couldn't get my machine to answer but I want you to know that I am concerned about your letter and remembering you in my prayers constantly. Please let us support you and help carry you through this time!