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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by LilRed23, Jun 1, 2002.

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    Hello every one, All I can say is that I really need prayers right now. My life seems to be in an up roar right now. My home life is wonderful, but my heart feels as if it can handle no more. I am so tired of being sick and being in pain every day. I wish I could go to bed and actually get comfortable just one night out of the week and sleep a peaceful pain free sleep just at least just that one night. I can't seem to do that though. I cry every night of my life. I almost thought I was running out of tears to even cry but I guess I was wrong. Please pray for me. Please pray that God will help me to be strong and help me to endure all that I am going through. I ask him every night to Please help me be strong and to not cry and to just do his will but it seems it gets harder and harder to do his will when I can't find the strength in me to even get out of bed. How can I be a testimony for him when I have no courage and strength my self to endure my own feelings of helplesness? I need your prayers. I pray and pray and sometimes I feel as though no one is even there. Maybe I need a little more help with the strength and power of all of your prayers. Any how, I will end my book session of my life. I was just going to come here and ask for your prayers and I'm sorry, I got a little carried away. Please pray for my family and my self for my family endures and suffers as much as I do because they have to watch me cry and deal with this pain. Thank you all....
    Love Crystal
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    Like the others told you, we have all been in the place you are right now. It is not easy, like Nanna said, we been through the fire and are still in the ashes, but we have one another on this board and the other boards too.

    As for the Lord, you are a testimony, remember the song:' I am weak but He is strong, yes Jesus love me'? It is through our weakness that we lean on the strength of Christ.No matter what happens to us, our faith in Christ shines through.

    If everything went our way, what reason would we have to turn to the Lord?
    Think about this, I know I had to learn a hard lesson many times, as I was always a strong, selfwilled person that thought that I didn't need anything or anyone and that I had all the 'answers' to everything!

    I will pray for you to get strong, in your faith as well as body. I think that is what you are asking for.

    Be very thankful for your wonderful family, as you say they feel your pain. A lot of people here don't have that blessing. I do have a very supportive husband and daughter, my sons are a bit unaware of how I feel, and I have had this for 20 years now, I raised my children with the pain and all that goes with the fibro, but I learned to lean on the Lord, heavily. I was very active in my church at the same time.

    I had even had church members tease me about being sick so often (as we don't LOOK sick!), they had no idea what I felt, and I didn't enlighten them either, it was my problem, or so I thought.

    Be assured of our prayers, and take some of the good advice you got here today too.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Please forgive me for answering your post this late. I did read it and have prayed for you.
    I pray God will ease the pain you are having and you will experience the joy in life that God desires each of us have. May he give you his strength and help. Please know that we care for you. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
    It's so nice to have you here on the Worship Board. Welcome!

    Love, Harmony