I need your stories ro send ro my senator in Tn. and nationally with

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    your promission of course.:)

    I wrote a while back how my ins. and medicare will no longer pay for the amount of med's I need, or cover P.T. w/o constant fighting and trying to explain the difference between managing a condition and getting well in 8 weeks and back to work(which they like, it cost less).

    I'm tired of the goverment interfering with my health care. I need my medication along with therpy, plus all the rest i do, pray,meditate, stay positive, be with my dog's, watch t.v. programs that lift my spirit,acupuncture. you get the picutre. I've tried other med's, I just can't take them.

    it's betweem my doctor and I, not anyone else(ie.:medicare, ins.) to decide what's best for me, and what constitues "improvement" in P.T. Without P,T, I become bedridden, with it I can go out maybe 1 or 2 hours, do a small load of wash, vaccum my room9which is small),dust. Not ALL on the same day, but I can do them. I couldn't before, and each time they make me wait another month w/o P.T. I slowly regress again.

    I'm looking for like minded people with experiences like mine to share their stories, so we can sign a petition or I can just send in these stories, so other's not only FM, but ANY chronic pain condition get's treated humanly.
    That doctor's be educated on the difference of using med's to increase quality of life rather than use (abuse) it to escape life.
    The DEA need's to be educated as well as the medical community as a whole.
    My father-in-law was a Pharmacist, my Dad's wife a doctor, and I've talked to my P.T. and Rhumetologist and they all agreee the change has to start at the government. their hands are tied. My P.T. lobbies for patient's right's, but it's hard.
    I'm tired of complaining and hurting, I know other's are as well.

    So if you agree with me i would appreciate ypur stories, that I may use, as soon as I find the best way, I may ue it several ways. So we can go about the business of healing and getting better, rather than fighting with a broken system.

    Thank you,
    Claudia wagel

    P.S. bio is under claudiaw, I got new e-mail and had to change log on name.:)
    Do they not send a notice when someone replies? I'm not on here much due to my condition. I did this because how strongly I feel about it.