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    I'm bwoodruff - I've been a lurker for a few weeks, then drummed up the courage to start posting. I'm a 32 year old woman that was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and myofascia(sp?)syndrome about 7 years ago, though my mother and I see symptoms going back into my childhood.

    I have an incredible husband who - as I said in another thread about relationships - is my lover, my mentor, my cheerleader and my biggest fan. He's my best friend and I don't know how I could take on this disease and the world without him.

    I still work full time and try not to let this dd keep me from living life to it's fullest, but some days (like today) it really kicks my a**. So, I do the best I can - take care of myself on the bad days and celebrate the good ones.

    I'm really glad I've found this board - it's been truly inspirational for me to find other people out there like me - people that "get it". I was telling my hubby about it the other day and was started to cry - I guess I didn't realize how much I value finding a group of people that understand and experience that same things I do.

    Thanks for all of your input on these threads - your experiences and information is truly helpful. Sorry this is so long (I've never been accused of being too quiet)but thanks for listening.
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    Welcome to the board. It is comforting when we first get here and read about ourselves! Stay positive and try not to dwell on the negatives... and life will be good!
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    I'm new here (REAL new). I wanted to say hi and also that you're right... this board and these people are simply wonderful! Kind, patient, helpful...in every way.


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    and join our family!

    The one thing you can be sure of here, is that whatever problems / symptoms / fears etc (and we have had some real goodies on here.....) you have, you can bet your bottom dollar that you are not alone.

    We have three medical men (all of whom suffer from cfs or fms - not sure which, sorry guys). They are Madwolf, Sujay and AC77 - and they are all completely wonderful, helpful and understanding.

    Jellybelly is the queen of research - go read some of her threads...she must spend HOURS researching for us, bless her. She has just gone on holiday for two weeks.

    And then there are our two moderators, Mikie (who I thought was a man for ages - sorry Mikie). Mikie has just gone on holiday too - but we still have our lovely Shirl, keeping us all in order. LOL

    And just loads and loads of lovely, lovely people!

    Good to have you on board...or on THE board hehehe
    Mary x
  5. jamedw1

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    ... the value of "my somebody" "gets it" in my book...

    mine is 600 miles away, and currently pushing me further away due to a major stress-induced flare...
    which is taking it's toll on her body and my romantic soul...
    and i'm watching a vicious cycle forming before my eyes...

    all this after being deemed her "rock"...
    sometimes, i feel so damn helpless and useless to be "there" for her... and being "here" just isn't the same...
    and i don't know what to do...
    on one hand i want to give her the space she's requested, and on the other hand what kind of "rock" am i if i just let her go thru this painful period alone...
    truly a sensitive question of balance, i guess...
    i feel like my tail is wagging me, and i'm getting dizzy...

    maybe you can help an old fool that suffers from a different kind of pain... and maybe i should just keep this stuff inside and figure it out myself...lol...

    anyway, the correlation i draw between us is, as is in the case of the love of MY life, is your refusal to let your battle win the war of "life", and perhaps the inspirational outlook you have, not to mention what i draw inspirationally from the way you speak of your husband... sure wish i had the courage to think i mean as much to her as he does to you... but i guess it doesn't hurt to have dreams... there could be worse things to aspire to, i suppose...

    anyway, i appreciate your previous attention to MY words, as i feel like a lot of what i say (which is always from the heart) mostly gets lost in the shuffle and real medical particulars...(i make a lot of references to the late jim valvano's "don't give up, don't EVER give up" quote, and mention the "desiderata" a lot...lol)... and i seem to end more "posts" than anyone i know... :)

    anyway, you have a captive audience of "one" if for nothing else...
    and for what it's worth, i wish you and your "somebody" "well"...
    p.s. oh... and "welcome"... :)
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  6. bwoodruff

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    You are all so sweet to take time out of your day to find out a bit about me and welcome me:) Thanks for stopping by!

    Lynneh - it's definitely hard not to stay positive when you have a cheering section of hundreds right here rooting for you!

    Autumngirl - as long as us newbies stick together, we might just figure out all of the lingo around here after all - ha ha.

    Goingslowlycrazy - Thank you for the Who's Who list - I was wondering about a couple of them (like Madwolf) and am glad to know they are there to bounce things off of! I might just pull up that chair and stay awhile - thanks for offering :)

    jamedw1 - I'm so sorry to hear your "somebody" is having a rough time, and especially that she's shutting you out in the process. Ah, the catch 22 - she's pushing you away because she doesn't feel well, so you give her space, however you want to be there to support her so she doesn't feel that you are abandoning her when she needs you the most.

    There have been moments that in sheer desparation my hubby has stood in front of me and said "What can I do to make you feel better?" which of course just makes me cry because I know he's been trying his best and it's not his fault that nothing but time will make my body better and I feel just awful about driving him to that point! That's usually when he asks me if I've taken my meds, he gets me a blanket, the cat and a book and we all curl up together :)

    It's sweet of you to say that you draw inspiration from our relationship - I was thinking the same of you the other day. I don't get to see the other side of the coin (meaning life from my hubby's point of view) and to hear you talk about how lucky you are to have her in your life just made me appreciate him all the more.

    I think you do mean just as much to her as my "rock" does to me - I think sometimes we just see ourselves as the "damaged goods" therefore somehow undeserving of the complete devotion we receive simply because we feel we can't possibly reciprocate 100%. At least our 100% won't equate to your 100% in our minds. Silly? Yes, but it doesn't make our tired minds think it any less.

    What to do? From 600 miles away it's a little hard to bring her a blanket, the cat, a book and snuggle! LOL Any chance you could send her flowers just to say "Feel better - I'm thinking of you"? Don't let this flare stand in the way - the flare will pass and she will more than appreciate you standing by her once again.

    You too have a "captive audience of one" in me. We can just create threads of our own and if others want to join in they can - LOL! Hang in there - I hope your honey is feeling better soon.

  7. bwoodruff

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    Looks like we cross-posted!
    Thank you for the welcome! I do thank my lucky stars every day for having found my hubby - we met post-diagnosis, so he's never known me any other way - it's a way of life for us.

    I look forward to learning and meeting people - thanks again.
  8. northlass

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    Just to say hi also , im new 2, i allready know goingslowley crazy, but why she picked such a long name beats me heheh, dont you know we have fog Mary rofl, anyways Mary how you know so much allready duh.... shes nosey peeps ,, just joking xx sweetypie xxxxx sam
  9. jamedw1

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    ... for the encouragement...

    at this point it's much "more" than appreciated...

    all i dream of besides having someone to grow old with is to make a difference in "someone's" life... and that's how i view the meaning of my own life... my purpose here, as it were...

    i'm the proverbial romantic dreamer... and lord knows i've made quite a fool of myself on account of it... never was much good at "games"... tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, for better or worse... and without presenting the entire saga, my "finding" my "someone" is nothing short of a magical story... took me 3 weeks to just get her attention long enough to even acknowledge me... ended up with the most beautiful smile i've ever seen accompanied by my getting her to pinch her nose (a whole other great story)...

    but i think she saw from the beginning that i was a little different... (much bigger story...lol)... maybe it was my being able to encourage her to go and get her rest rather than try and selfishly keep her up "just a little longer"...

    whatever it was, i knew from the moment i laid eyes on her that this was a miracle... my angel sent to me from God, perhaps for all the years of pining for the "one somebody" that i'd know was the "one"... so being there for her was not only the easiest committment i've made, but a privelege to do so... my absolute "labor of love" as it were... :)

    lord knows there's been "bumps"... and i curse the distance between us, which im dreaming my life on to change, but unlike any other woman in my life, with some time and space, they've worked themselves out... she's the first person in my romantic life that i can truly say "gets it"... heck, she seems to "get" me... which in and of itself is a miracle... i am the most complicated, simple person on the face of the earth...

    but my biggest dream is to stand in front of her and say "honey, have you taken your meds" (which, btw i do all the time), get her a blanket, the pet of her choice, a book, and snuggle together as one... then she can push all she wants, because when she does... it'll just be "against" me...

    so, how much do i owe you for the "therapy" session...

    i know i need to be with her because it is only in that, that the last bit of trust will either emerge or at least combine with the other senses to allow the sense of "eternity" to come into play... i do like the flowers idea tho... just have this funny feeling i'll get yelled at for spending money or something...lol... we have plans to to so, (meet soon) but as is oft the case, it's gonna come down to the wire as to when and if... drives me a bit batty, but i'm learning that patience is a worked at virtue...

    for the record, i have no choice but to try and weather the storm... i love this woman with all my heart, and all i can hope for is that the more she sees me still standing by her side, come hell or high water, the more she'll learn that "rocks" are for leaning on... it's so much easier than pushing them away...

    is my session over?... damn...lol...]

    from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me an outlet for my dilemma... all i can be is "me"... and hope and trust it's what she does, and will always need..

    (p.s. btw... a deep intelligent "from the heart" conversation is more often than not very hard to come by... ty for affording me both)... :)
  10. dsames

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    Welcome to the family.

    I am fairly new also, but sense an incredible amount of sharing, loving, caring and support.

    It's always great to have someone to talk to about our sometimes "weird" symptoms, It keeps us from going "nutso"

    Stay with us, you will find an enormeous amount of informartion here to help you. I know I did.
  11. kar1953

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    Just wanted to stop & say hi & welcome. Your story about your husband asking what he could do for you when you were hurting so bad & crying sounded just like my hubby. He too asks what can I do to make it better? Did you take your meds? Can I get you anything? There have even been times when he just lay down beside me & cried with me. Now that is my true soul mate. When I hurt he hurts - & when he hurts I definetly hurt. He is my best friend & I have told him everything I'm feeling.

    I posted a week or so ago that I was keeping something from him & have since come clean (thanks Mikie), we talked about it & he said ultimately it was my decision to make. What a guy!

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi & it sounds like our men were made from the same mold!

    Take care........Kathi