I now know the proper name for my pain

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    I can remember 17 yrs ago searching and searching for a medical term of the pain i have, i would type , nerve sensitivity,feels like a sunburn, and really got nothing, that explained it, and thinking back, maybe there wasn't a name for it, today on facebook there it was Allodynia, finally a name to go with the pain.
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    I have peripheral neuropathy. It started in my feet and hands. Now I am getting "sunburn" feelings on my torso and face, and periods of intense facial and head sweating sometimes in addition. I checked up Allodynia on Wiki. Very interesting reading, so thanks for the heads up. I also have v. low testosterone and am taking supplements, so that may be playing a part in my own situation.

    For the peripheral neuropathy I take gabapentin, alpha-lipoic acid, and certain herbs:rolleyes:. And tramadol if really bad.

    What do you do for your pain? Have you talked to your doc about Allodynia? I'm going to bring it up with mine next time I see her.

    Good luck Rick
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    It took me 6 yrs to get a diagnoses, from 1996 to 2001, i had seen so many Doctors, but one of the searches i did way back then came up with Peripheral Neuropathy, i thought i had diagnosed myself, as i had burning pain, but not my feet, after going to a support group and hearing more about it, i decided i did not have the illness, after then in 2001 i got a diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, which i know i do have.

    I am taking Percocet for pain which doesn't help much and cymbalta, which doesn't help pain but helps mentally.. Gabapentin i did take got up to 900 mgs, which i dont think was enough,may try it again.Have not talked to my Doc about Allodynia..Also i am in Canada so some of the medications names can be different.
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    Rick, you might ask your doc about upping your gabapentin up to 2700 mgs daily. I know it sounds a lot, but it is the reccomended dose by Norman Latov (one time director of the Peripheral Neuropathy Clinical and Research Center at the Weill Medical College of Cornell Univ.) I recommend his book Peripheral Neuropathy very much!

    Best wishes,