I ****** off my new Doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puffy1, Nov 10, 2006.

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    Well I talked to a real nice attorney wen. she was very helpful and nice she used to be a nurse and she is a firm beleiver in Fibro. However she told me I may need to postpone my hearing till I have more curant mdeical info.

    She gave me a qyuestionair to have my new doc fill out wven tough I told her he has not been seeing me for very long only 2 months but she told me to try before my hearing so I made an appt to see my doc and go over the questions.

    So I went in to see him yesterday. He was not happy about doing it got very inrate about the whole thing. I told him I know it is short notice and you don't have to if you would rather wait but he did it very grudgingly.

    I fell like when I left he was very mad at me so now what do I do? and he answered one of the questions wrong.
  2. Aghllw

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    I am so sorry to hear about your troubles with your dr. I just ****** mine off yesterday too. I love this guy...and if you read my profile, you will see that I do. His staff is really what made me mad. They are really ignorant when it comes to booking appts and answering questions. I (we all) have no patience for that kind of treatment.

    You would think that a pain management dr's office would understand people with chronic pain....but I guess not!

    I pray for your hearing to turn out for your best interest. I pray also that you find a dr that makes you feel comfortable and doesn't add to your stress.

    May God Bless you and keep you,
  3. Catseye

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    Don't worry about it too much. My doc who I had known a long time and he was really nice also got really irked about answering the questions. It's because most of the questions are irrelevant and stupid. He even left some of them blank. Try explaining to him you know they sound dumb but your attorney said it had to be done. He's got a lot of nerve being mad at you, though, just for asking him to help you with government paperwork. Doctors are just regular businessmen with us as customers. (edited for offensive content)

    Inform him you have been advised by your attorney what to do and you would appreciate some more time and help with this and would he please correct this question because it's very important (everything little thing is with SSA) and you have enough problems, already. Meanwhile, seek out another doctor if you can afford it. It's better to have more evidence and if you can't trust this guy, don't put his name on your SSA form where it asks for all your doctors you are seeing. I won my case but I had to bug the **** out of my doctor to do the paperwork and had to go back with it because he didn't fill it out all the way and he acted like he was thouroughly disgusted with it but he did do it. You should be intimidating him. From what I"ve found out about doctors and what they do (it's more what they DON'T do that concerns me) any idiot can be one if he has an excellent memory and either rich parents or a strong desire to work themselves through school. The internet has helped me 100x more than any doctor. good luck!
  4. puffy1

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    Thank you all and please excuse my laudgauge I wrote without thinking so plases except my appologies.

    I did Tell him that my attorney wanted it but he was still mad because he said I have not seen him long enough for him to answer the quetions truthfully.

    I let him know I undertood that and I don't want him to lie for me at all and if he felt uncomfortable with it then we I would postpone my hearing till we could build up my medical recors a little more with him.

    But he did it and complained and griped about it the whole time and then left the examining room in a huff.

    I got the blood test he ordered though even though one of them has already been ruled out by another doc.

    I well make him change the one question. its just that I don't want to be on bad terms with this doctor , but I get the feeling that he just does not have the knowledger I need.

    he asked me sarcasticly if I thought it was time for a pain managment doc. He was going to percribe me Altram but I said I would stick with the celebrex for now I asked for samples but he was out and I don't think I can afford the price of a rx.

    I canceld my appt with the orthopedist because I don't have the money.

    I relly need some low cost insurance but I have not been able to find any yet.


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