i over did it again

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. 69mach1

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    just venting,,

    i finally steam cleaned most of my 2 bedroom apt...i had shingles in february on top of everything else. i i still deal with the neuroptaty of everything combined with the fibro ect...

    well i wanted the carpets to look better well they look better but i am so swollen and my legs and feet are swollen and hurt...i just took some tylenol 3, i would take my dilaud but i need to take my son to school in the morning...so if i am lucky i may get a couple hours of sleep...

    to top it off i was given a box of belgian chocolates and well i get eat my share...i think this has some to do with the swelling, my own darn fault but they were very tasty...had those before i did the steam cleaning...

    so i took some magnisium and vita c w/my diruetic...hopeing that may eleviate some of the swelling,,, and now it is occurring to me i should be starting that monthly thing soon..so maybe that is why i caved into my desire///thank goodness last i new a few months ago my sugar was great...

    i have not taken malic acid yet as i have heard it is reccommended by people...

    questions? does mali acid help with the swelling at all when you eat some sugar? or is it just for muscle tighness?

    o just wondered if anyone has any imput on the malic acid and sugar overconsumption? i have totally noticed a difference when i eat candy so that is why i have been avoiding it concisously>


  2. EllenComstock

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    Can you afford to have someone clean your carpets? I used to clean our carpets, too, but a couple of years ago I started hiring it done. I always wait until they have a special or a find a good coupon. There's no way I could do it now.

    As for the malic acid, I started taking it 2 or 3 years ago. It seems to me that I read it helps with pain so I figured it wouldn't hurt. I also read that many of us are low in it. I didn't notice any difference in my pain level, however.

  3. 69mach1

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    i hve been thinking about just hiring someeon to do them just because of this reason.

    but i do have a almost 16 year old that just doesn't think about walking in on my carpet w/football cleats on that were just on the field.

    he spills things and just doesn't quite clean it up sometimes..just irks me, i am nearly ocd when it comes to a clean home...if i felt better i would be washing all my walls at least once a month...thats before fms////

    well thank you for the tip on the malic acid, i keep saying i'm going to try it and forget about it when i 'm at the store...plus i think i am sick of seeing my cabinets stacked with herbals stuff and prescritions that just don't do a thing for me...

    well thinks again.

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    You sound like me! I cleaned my chairs and carpets yesterday and moped the kitchen floor on top of all my normal stuff I try to do and paid for it in the end! Its frustrating. I like to clean my walls at least once a year but I probably won't get to do that anymore last year I used a wet swipper on them, not the same a using a sponge but close enough. I used to clean for people now I guess I will have to have someone clean for me. The girls and my husband have been helping out. That helps. We are having Thanksgiving here tomorrow so I want everything clean and ready I tend to be a little oc when it comes to things like this so I will be on my heating pad again tonight and having my husband give me a muscle rub. Oh well!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!