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    If I could do a jig I would!! I have been taking online courses from our local college since winter2005.I was going to classes but the winter wasn't easy so i filed to do an online course in Critical Thinking(whicgh is hard for one who can't think straight:))Well i passed that with a 4.0 then i just finished a Intro to Physcology(sp)and even in the worst fog yet ,i got a B- I really am surprised at that but i had expalined to the teacher,who luckily is a phsyc,about my problem and he was kind enough to be patient with me. so now i have a GPA of 3.33 not the 4 i would have liked but so what after being out of school for 41yrs i did good!!
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    Yippie! way to go!!!!!

    You Rock!!!!!

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    thank you so much for the encouragment,no i have to learn to spell with out "spell check" LOL