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    With joy, love and peace in my heart, I welcome everyone onto the Spirituality/Worship Board and I am so glad for the people already here. I pray that no one leaves. I hope that everyone can all join hands in the common goal of expressing each person's individual spirituality/worship here. Like a schoolhouse that holds many grades, this is a place that holds many beliefs and I am so grateful that people have the freedom and the right to believe as they please and that freedom extends here.

    I so hope that we can put the differences aside now. I personally am Christian but am blessed to have wonderful Hindu neighbors next to me. We show each other such joy, kindness, sharing and charity and so should it be between other beliefs too. I am mobility disabled and they offer to help me with heavy things when others have not.

    All know to go to the e-mail function at the bottom and report anyone who interrupts posts to write hateful or discriminatory messages.
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    that is the right attitude. if all people had that attitude the world would be a much better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!